Donald Trump Attacks Sadiq Khan After Violence in London

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( — June 18, 2019) — Donald Trump has labelled Sadiq Khan, the Mayor of London, a ‘national disgrace’ on twitter after a wave of violence hit the capital this weekend.

The American President tweeted ‘LONDON needs a new mayor ASAP: Khan is a disaster- will only get worse!’. This comment came after a retweet from the notorious right-wing commentator Katie Hopkins who stated that London was now ‘Stab City’.

A spokesperson for the London mayor has stated that Sadiq Khan was not prepared to ‘waste his time’ and respond to Trump’s scathing words, further adding that his main concern was regarding the families involved in the recent attacks seen in London.

The Labour party leader, Jeremy Corbyn, came to Sadiq Khan’s defence on Saturday, responding with the phrase ‘[Sadiq Khan is] rightly supporting the police to do their job while Katie Hopkins spreads hateful and divisive rhetoric.’

Violence in London

This outburst by Donald Trump on twitter was made in response to recent violence that has occurred in the city.

In the space of 24 hours on Friday and Saturday, five attacks left three people dead.

An 18 year old man was the first to be the victim of an attack, when he was stabbed to death in South London. Minutes later, police were called to an area in south-east London, where a 19 year old male was shot dead.

Not 24 hours later, a man in his 30’s died in Tower Hamlets on Saturday afternoon, after having been stabbed.

Finally, in the early hours of Saturday, two men were stabbed- one in Clapham and one in Brixton.

The metropolitan police have now arrested 14 different people since the attacks, and have released a statement saying that there will be heightened security in the coming days as detectives survey the area.

This news of attacks is no surprise to some- as homicides in England and Wales have reached their highest level in a decade.