Best Tools For Jewelry Making – Must-have Tools

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( — June 18, 2019) — Creating personalized jewelry can be a fun and creative hobby to start and love. However, there are some instruments needed to get the job done. Then it comes to beading and accessory alterations, the first thing to do is to be aware of and purchase the best tools for jewelry making.

Best Tools For Jewelry Making

In order to properly make jewelry, it is crucial to have the right tools. Below is a list of the tools you will need in order to make jewelry.

The must-have tools for proper jewelry making are as follows:

  1. Stringing wire or jewelry wire – This item is important because not just any wire or string fits in the tiny holes of beads and closure clasps. You need something so small yet sturdy enough to get the string through the tiny hole.
  2. Pliers (flat nose and crimped, unless you have a multiplier kit) – Pliers are used a lot when beading and jewelry making. Flat nose or chain nose pliers are small and precise enough to help shape the stringing wire, while crimped pliers are essential for modifying the ends of the wire to prevent beads from sliding. 
  3. Wire cutters – Do not grab scissors. First of all, scissors may not cut through some wire. Second, scissors are not as precise and petite as wire cutters can be. Wire cutters are specially designed in order to be able to reach small crevices to fix or adjust a piece of handmade jewelry.
  4. Liquid jewelry adhesives – To prevent your knots from unraveling and keep them intact, invest in jewelry glue. This can also be used to size a ring down.
  5. Beads and closures – These pieces are what brings character, style, and value to your handmade jewelry. You can buy beads from supermarkets, craft stores or jewelers if you want something really special. There is an amazing range of colors and designs that beads can come in, as well as closures for the ends. The right closure depends on the type of jewelry being made. Necklace closures need to be something easy to use without looking, while closures for bracelets may be best if they can be used with one hand. When considering which kind of closures to use for your jewelry, imagine what would be easiest to handle when putting on accessories alone.  


With so many small bits that can be easily lost and possibly difficult to see, it is important that they are organized. When getting everything together to start assembling into beautiful accessories, the organization makes it easy and fast to find small pieces.

You can buy sorting containers from craft stores, however, if you are just beginning and have just a few bead designs, you can start with a medication case from the dollar store or a pharmacy store which is usually inexpensive in comparison.

Make sure to store any liquids or adhesives away from sterling silver or any small pieces. A spill will give you a huge headache from all of the pieces drying together. Also, sometimes the fumes from the adhesives discolor or weakening sterling silver even without making direct contact. Therefore, it is important to care for your sterling silver jewelry.

If you’ve just started beading accessories as a new fun hobby or are beginning a business of unique handmade jewelry from home, it is wise to keep a note of what are the best tools for jewelry making. The key to smooth and efficient jewelry making is keeping all of your items and tools organized and separated.