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( — June 18, 2019) —

Are you looking for the best candidate for the vacancy in your company? Well, the recruitment process can be quite a long and exaggerated one, but at the end you must choose the best and the brightest candidate who will perfectly fit into the job. You will get thousands of job application for a certain designation or position. With this, the main work starts when you have to shortlist the best ones. Here are some of the good characteristics for a job application to be aware of:

Good Characteristics for a Job Application

Understanding some of the traits or characteristics of job application is very important for recognizing the suitable candidates. This can help you to improve the overall recruitment process. Below are some of the characteristics to look for:

Strong Work Ethic

There is no doubt that having a strong work ethic is clearly one of the most significant and popular qualities of hiring best managers for your company. Most recruiters want to see how applicants describe their work ethic. Candidate having higher goals have better willingness to work more efficiently.

Dependable & Consistent

Dependability is one of the major factors when it comes to resumes and job applicants. It can create a lot of difference. An applicant or candidate who show great commitment for completing the tasks within the deadline, and meets all requirements, should be considered. Being dependable is one of the most important characteristics.

Positive Attitude

It is very important to focus on the positive attitude of the candidate. Having a positive attitude can create a good environment for his colleagues and coworkers. Also, positivity will lead to more productivity and it can create a more competitive environment for the fellow workers. Thus, you need to look for the candidates who are highly positive in nature and can create a good friendly environment in the office.


Another characteristic that you have to notice when you are looking for the best candidate for a job is self-motivated. This is considered as a key soft skill for most of the candidates who are trying to apply for a job. Having great interest and enthusiasm in the work they are doing can bring a lot of difference to the overall environment. It can improve the quality of the work too.


The fifth and one of the most important characteristics that you have to look for in a candidate is whether or not the candidate is team-oriented. When working in an office, it is important to work as a team to improve the work and do it better. The candidates who team-oriented can work well with a team.


So, these are the key good characteristics for a job application to consider when you are hiring a candidate for a certain position in your company. Besides these top five characteristics, you can also consider some more such as good communicator, flexible and professional. All these characteristics or traits will help you to find the best candidate for any job position. You can definitely get to know more about these traits when you will have one-on-one interview with the candidate.