Second Edition of Award-Winning Book, “Write to Influence” to Debut

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**Carla D. Bass, Colonel, USAF (Ret), Award-winning Author, Available for Interviews**

“Powerful writing changes lives!” is the core message of Carla Bass and the second edition of her award-winning book, Write to Influence!, that will be unveiled at the American Library Association Convention in Washington, D.C. (June 20th-25th). Write to Influence! will be made available on June 30th from online retailers in paperback and e-book formats.

People, businesses and causes deserve to succeed, but often fail. Why? An inability to write powerfully and make a compelling case. Writing skills have devolved to the point that written material is often time consuming to read and difficult to comprehend. We see the effects in the workplace, as college graduates struggle to find jobs and employees are limited in their ability to compose a concise message.

Carla’s solution? Replace bureaucratic blather with text that is clear, concise, and compelling by learning to “Write to Influence!”

The second edition of Write to Influence! provides a path forward, incorporating material from Carla’s highly acclaimed workshops presented over the past two years to U.S. government agencies, military organizations, corporations, and NGOs, and at local public libraries.

“Powerful writing is a lifelong skill that opens doors to opportunity. It’s that simple.” says Bass, “In Write to Influence!, I present a methodology – fun, simple, effective, and proven — that makes each word count and every second of the reader’s time play to your advantage.” 

Write to Influence has garnered resounding accolades from academia, corporations, NGOs, librarians, individuals, and book reviewers. Dr. William C. Spracher, Colonel, U.S. Army (Ret), Contracted Professor and Director of the Writing Center, National Intelligence University commented, “Carla’s book and workshops are invaluable for students, faculty, and staff (military and civilian). She ably and passionately equips them to succeed in any environment, academic or operational, by learning to Write to Influence!”

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Carla D. Bass, Colonel, Air Force (Ret), served 30 years active duty and another 12 with a federal agency, working directly with general officers and civilian equivalents, ambassadors, congressional delegations, and foreign dignitaries. She wrote letters for executive-level signature; reports for senior military leaders; hundreds of personnel appraisals; nominations for awards, congressional fellowships, and other competitive packages. She composed elevator speeches, talking points, and executive correspondence, many of which were sent to Congress and the White House. In all instances, each word and every second of the audience’s time counted. Carla developed her writing methodology and taught thousands of Air Force personnel for 15 years. Carla served in locations to include Bulgaria, Germany, Korea, Hawaii, and Washington, D.C. She lives with her husband, Lynn Reeves, in the Virginia countryside.

PRAISE FOR Write to Influence

Beth Krause, Director, Learning Solutions, FTI Consulting

“FTI Consulting partnered with Carla for good reason. Here’s what our employees say:

• Carla’s an exceptional writer and a great presenter!

• Phenomenal 2-day class! Wish I had this sooner!

• Informative, educational, awesome. Pace and teaching methods were perfect!

• Powerful, interactive workshop; definitely enhanced my writing skills. Highly related to daily work.

  • Her workshop and book are invaluable—Spot on!”


Dr. Lani Kass, Senior Vice President Corporate Strategic Advisor, CACI

“If effective writing is your goal, put this book in your tool kit!”


Baba Zipkin, Former Senior Counsel, IBM

 Write to Influence! should be in every professional’s library”


Judith A. Spreiser, Non-Executive Director Allstate Corp., Intercontinental Exchange Inc., and Reckitt Penckiser PLC

“Write to Influence! will rejuvenate the lost art of clear, concise, professional writing. Moreover, corporate CEOs will rejoice at no longer being encumbered by reports difficult to read and frustrating to unravel!”


More information about Carla, her book, and workshops at 

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