How to Improve the Human Element of Your Business

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( — June 24, 2019) — Creative challenges and human interaction jobs are best handled by a person. In fact, automation should only really be implemented when it helps them focus on the parts of their job that demand the most strategy. 

People, however, are flawed. This means that unlike machines or AI, they will have their ups and downs. You will find that on some days they work, well and on other days, they don’t. In order to improve the overall productivity of your business, you will need to follow these tips: 

Improve their Working Environment

A person’s environment will directly influence how they feel and how they perform. This applies both at home and at the office. Though they are responsible for their home, you are responsible for their workplace. This means keeping it clean, decorating it tastefully so that it feels good being there, and of course improving the health of the space

This means making sure it’s brightly lit, has clean air, and has a break room or kitchen that allows employees to make or bring healthy meals from home. 

Get Programs that Offer Real Solutions 

Software both on and off the cloud can offer real solutions to the pressing issues in your company. From making better use of your data to automating certain processes, the right software can substantially improve the productivity of your business. 

When you have programs handle this level of admin work, your employees can focus on more creative problems that require the human element to solve. 

Improve Efficiency at the Training Level 

Having the right program for any task is going to improve the efficiency of your workplace. It will also make the admin and trying tasks associated with most jobs easier, allowing your employees to do a better job where it counts. 

Take a contact center, for example. With the right solution, your employees can improve customer experience substantially. To truly improve workforce optimisation in your department, however, you are going to need to train them how to use it, how to be better sales reps, and most importantly, have their backs. Customers often do call in with complaints, and they can take out their frustrations on the very real person who has answered their call when the entity they are truly mad at is your brand. 

Offer Great Benefits 

If you cannot offer great wages, then offer great benefits. These benefits don’t even have to cost you. Offer flextime or the ability to work from home a few days of the week. You’ll improve their work/life balance and have happier, more productive employees on your hands. 

Offer Career Progression 

Offer clear career progression to help encourage your employees to stay on with your company for years on end. This way, your employees can feel fulfilled and like they are continuously working towards something new and exciting.