Experts Now Provide Some Evidence-based Tricks to Fight UTIs

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( — July 3, 2019) Orlando, FL — It is hard to deny that urinary tract infections are highly prevalent nowadays. This is why more and more experts are strongly recommending some evidence-based tricks to ward off the infection.

According to the Mayo Clinic, water helps to dilute your urine and flush out bacteria. This has been found to aid in staving off a bladder infection.

Experts recommend drinking adequate amounts of water and urinating frequently. These steps could significantly help prevent bacteria from colonizing in the urinary tract and producing an infection.

It is also recommended to make some improvements in one’s bowel habits. Frequent constipation places pressure on the bladder. When this happens, the bladder becomes unable to empty completely.

Incomplete bladder emptying provides room for bacteria to grow, instead of being flushed out. Health authorities further warn against being sexually active, which studies have found to increase UTI risk.

According to Dr. Dielubanza and Sovrin M. Shah, M.D., an assistant professor and attending physician in the Department of Urology at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, that’s due to the fact that there’s an increased risk of bacteria being spread around during sex.

It is always best to take the most helpful measures in preventing the onset of UTIs.

The popularity of natural remedies like D-mannose continues to skyrocket, particularly as the fear in the use of antibiotic grows.

Scientists reveal that this beneficial sugar called D-mannose works in the treatment and prevention of UTIs. It works in blocking UTI culprits like the E.coli from sticking to the cells lining the urinary tract.

This, according to studies, is beneficial in preventing infection as the E.coli is found to be responsible for 90 percent of all UTI cases. It is important to understand that D-mannose has long been extensively studied due to its UTI-fighting benefits.

Experts recommend selecting a formula that is not only highly potent and pure but is also of best quality and comes at the best price.

Today, there is a wide selection of supplements available in the market. One to consider is Purest Vantage D-mannose, which gains increasing popularity from the international market.

Per capsule, it offers 600 mg and for every bottle, it provides 120 Vegetarian capsules.

Aside from being zero in nasty ingredients like GMOs and preservatives, this amazing formula has also been tested for contamination. This means that tests were made to detect contaminants like mold, heavy metals, and pesticides in raw and finished materials (


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