The American Cancer Society Warns Increased Breast Cancer Cases

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( — July 4, 2019) Orlando, FL — In the United States among the female population, breast cancer has been found to be the most common except skin cancers.

According to researchers, a female American has an average risk of breast cancer by around 12 percent in her lifetime. This simply means that 1 in 8 women will develop the condition.

The American Cancer Society’s estimates that in 2018, there will be around 266,120 new cases of invasive breast cancer diagnosis in women. It shall be about 63,960 new cases of carcinoma in situ (CIS).

The organization further warns that breast cancer will claim the lives of 40,920 women.

According to researchers, there are preventive steps women may take to potentially reduce their risk of the condition. These steps have been thoroughly investigated by multiple studies and could be extremely beneficial in warding it off.

Some studies have found breast cancer development may have something to do with genetics, but others suggest it is a hormone issue. When it comes to potentially halting cancer in a natural way, many recent studies have documented DIM may be helpful.

Scientists found that this phytonutrient aids significantly in regulating hormonal balance and even cell behavior.

Studies have shown that cancerous tumors often turn life-threatening due to their ability to perform angiogenesis, which is a process of setting up their own blood supply. Once there is already blood supply, nutrients are made available to fuel the rapid growth of tumors.

DIM has been found beneficial in halting tumors from establishing their own blood supply. Even in low doses, it can regain the ability of cancerous cells to die or undergo a process called apoptosis.

This natural remedy also demonstrated its ability to mediate not just the progression but also the metastasis of breast, ovarian, and some other cancers. This has been found due to its ability to regulate both the ligand and its chemokine receptor.

Some supplements have been reputed to be beneficial in delivering the cancer fighting benefits of DIM. One is Purest Vantage DIM, which is highly potent and pure.  It could be helpful for individuals who want to increase their protection against cancer.

Purest Vantage DIM could deliver the therapeutic benefits researchers found DIM could offer. It is important to understand that DIM has been found to not just fight cancer, but also some other diseases.

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