How to Perform Smooth Migration from EML to Outlook

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( — June 29, 2019) — From time to time, people face the same challenge when changing their mailing clients – migration. If you are looking forward to migrate into Outlook, then this article will be suitable for you.

EML messages are used by various e-mail clients: Thunderbird, the Bat,  Live Mail, etc. It makes a challenge for clients to migrate into Outlook as it does not support this format. In order to perform smooth migration, you have to convert and import eml files to outlook. The program uses PST docs for storing e-mail, which is its original message base format. Having converted the files, the data can be connected to the e-mail client.

EML to Outlook transfer

This tool performs easy e-mail transformation between EML and PST formats. You are able to manually set the app in order to get the only or several PST files from the EML data. For instance, you are offered to split the received docs by size or by year when transforming EML messages.

Do not worry about the integrity of the received files, as they will keep their original form. The attached files will be also the same as they were in the previous mailing client. The conversion may occur that your EML docs can be placed to another folder. In this case, when you restart the tool on the same folder, the duplicate messages will not be created.

Simple conversion

In some cases, instead of transferring to Outlook, you need simply to change the format. For instance, saving files from the cloud or network storage to PST format, creating a separate file for each necessary period, etc. Certain EML files folders give you an opportunity to roughly check the size of the created base and transfer this information in parts. The command line will allow you to set mail transfer scripts for any amount of people in corporations of any size.

Optimal Licensing

The developers offer 3 types of license:

1.      Home license is suitable for private usage and includes an option to activate up to 5 PCs for 12 months.

2.      The business license includes the possibility to activate up to 50 PCs, therefore, it is mostly used for corporate needs.

3.      Technical license is suitable for wide corporate usage and includes multiple activations and extended support.

Excellent reputation

GlexSoft LLC is a developer of many suitable tools for simplifying business processes. The company relies on its multi-year experience in product development and thorough knowledge of all major email formats to create compact, efficient and intuitive conversion tools that can be used by anyone. The EML to Outlook Transfer tool has already got 100% of positive feedbacks.

If you still have any questions do not hesitate to ask. Let your e-mail migration be smooth and easy.