5 Major Reasons You Should Consider Buying Used Industrial Machinery

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(Newswire.net — June 27, 2019) — First or second hand? That is the question that many companies ask themselves when the opportunity appears to them to buy used industrial machinery – machines that have already been used but that go on sale for reasons ranging from the need to look for new models or dues to liquidation or close down.

So in situations like that, the seller needs to find potential buyers for the machinery. The market for used products usually does not guarantee the same qualities as those made with pieces that are completely new; but instead, it offers another series of benefits and advantages that can be quite interesting for both parties. 

So, why do you need to consider buying used machine tools instead of new ones? Let’s see the below benefits of secondhand machinery.

#1: It Helps You Save Money

It is evident that if a machine accumulates some use behind its back and also wear, its condition will be worse than that of totally new ones and, therefore, its price must be consequently lower. There are cases in which the savings can reach 50% with respect to the original price, a quite noticeable change of figure that contributes to making a greater investment in other fields that may also be of interest.

You save money, and sometimes enough to reinvest in other places to improve the overall performance. In short, it is one of the most positive and cost-effective ways to get machinery for your company without risking other aspects of production that also need funds. 

#2: The Devaluation on Used Machines is Lower

Each time a used product is sold, whatever type it is, its value decreases as a result of continuous use. The levels of performance of any machinery fall with time and, therefore, so does the value for which it is priced. However, this difference is much greater when going from the first to the second hand than when going from the second to the third hand.

Therefore, if you buy any used industrial machine and, with time, decide to put it on sale for any interested buyer, you should know that the loss of money will be much less than if it were completely new and you want to sell it.

#3: You Can Receive Extras with Used Machinery 

As part of the negotiations, or because they simply cease to be useful, it is possible that when you buy these secondhand machines, you will also receive additional tools or accessories designed to be used in them. Whether to perform maintenance tasks or to review certain components, these additional instruments can be part of the package you buy.

When you get a new machine, you also have to look for everything else that is used to keep it in the best possible state or take advantage of all its functions. In the second-hand market, this does not have to happen.

#4: The Delivery Time Is Usually Shorter

Waiting times are another major problem in the industrial machinery market. From the time you formalize your order until you end up receiving it where you have requested it, it can take weeks or even months, something that automatically rules out making an emergency purchase.

When you buy used machines, you can move it on the same day if you wish. The difference in terms of the delivery times that are handled is abysmal and benefits much more those who need something fast.

#5: You Won’t Have to Bother About the Environment Again

There is no need to manufacture another roll to offer supplies again and, thus, you can have your unit. The second-hand market is based on existing products. Therefore, environmental aid falls under its own weight. You do not need any assembly line; you do not have to elaborate more pieces or anything like that. The buyer, simply, is done with a machine that was already manufactured at the time and, to top it all, does its best to extend its useful life.

As you have seen, there are many advantages to buying and selling used industrial machines. It should be noted that certain disadvantages may also appear, especially as a result of certain practices of doubtful nature on the part of some vendors; but, in general, the balance tends to settle more on the positive side than on the negative and it brings about quite good results.