Are Private Jets Safe – Reasons to Fly Private

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( — June 27, 2019) — Are private jets safe? If you keep up with the news, you’ve probably noticed that more incidents seem to occur on private jets than on commercial flights. While it’s tempting to jump to conclusions, private jets are actually just as safe as commercial jets, if not safer! The perception that private jets are unsafe simply comes from the fact that most passengers on these planes are high profile figures, such as actors, models, or company executives, which makes these stories instantly newsworthy. Let’s look at some specific details as to why private jets are just as safe as commercial planes.

Are Private Jets Safe

Less Foot Traffic

When commercial airline companies plan a flight, they try to book as many passengers as possible to maximize profits. While this is great for finances, it’s not as great for the integrity of the plane. A commercial plane could see several hundred passengers along with their luggage every single day. This quickly takes a toll on the planes structure, and stringent guidelines must be followed in order to stay flight ready. Contrast that to a private jet, which might only see a few passengers a day. On top of that, private jets may not be used as frequently as commercial jets, thus increasing the longevity and condition of the aircraft. Private jets also have the option of landing in many locations

Inclement Weather

Turbulence and inclement weather is not only frustrating to fly through, but it’s also stressful on the plane. Commercial flights are less likely to make unplanned stops for poor weather since they are on a tight schedule, forcing them to fly through storms. Private jets, however, can stop as frequently as they would like to avoid hitting rough patches in the sky. This ability to stop and bypass inclement weather improves private jets’ safety rating when compared to commercial aircraft.

Pilot Training Standards

Flying private does not come cheap. While most of that high price tag is paying for the luxury and convenience of a solitary flight, the cost also includes highly qualified pilots. In fact, pilots for private jets are often some of the best in the business and are required to stay up to date with rigorous training. If something does go awry mid flight, passengers can rest assured that their pilot knows how to handle the situation.

High Quality Maintenance

Not only do private jets offer excellent pilots, but they are also held to strict maintenance schedules. Whereas commercial airlines are operating on a strict deadline, private charters offer plenty of time between flights for proper maintenance. Qualified mechanics perform some of the industries most highly regulated inspections on private jets to ensure they will be safe before, during, and after takeoff. They are not pressured by a tight schedule and are less likely to cut corners to get a flight in the air.

Now you have the answer to, are private jets safe? Private jets are just as safe as commercial airlines, if not safer. They offer the luxury and convenience that commercial airlines used to offer decades ago. They rely on highly trained pilots and mechanics to keep each aircraft safe and within code. When flying private, you can assure you will arrive at your destination safe, sound, and relaxed.