Ducted Air Conditioning Maintenance: Get the Most Out of Your System

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(Newswire.net — June 28, 2019) — We always want the best out of everything we pay for. So it goes without saying that with air conditioning we would want it to perform at its optimum for as long as possible. Especially as this appliance breaking down, can have drastic consequences during the summer.

But in order to achieve optimum results, we too must do our part in taking care of our air conditioners. There is a proper way of doing everything when it comes to maintenance, especially with ducted air conditioning systems that are quite costly.

Here are some valuable tips for you get the most out of your ducted air conditioning:

Regularly check your systems

In almost anything a regular check-up is necessary, otherwise how would you know if everything is working properly. This is a common mistake for air conditioner owners because they fail to check the units regularly and only notice something is wrong when the equipment fails to work. While the whole time it could have been avoided, if they had only checked the system every once in a while.

Check, clean and change your filters

Take note that there is a proper way of cleaning and changing your filters. Always opt for filters of good quality and those that are suited for the specific unit you own, in order to make sure that you have efficient filtering, thus avoiding unfortunate circumstances. Ineffective changing and cleaning of the filters can also cause issues with the system, so make sure to have a strong understanding of how to do both.  

Filters usually need to be cleaned or replaced within six months or before winter when you will be needing heating and again when summer starts when you will be needing cooling. But to be sure, keep checking and cleaning them once in a while. This way you are sure that they are free from dust and debris because if your filters are clogged, this will also lead to the AC consuming more power in order to deliver optimum performance.

Be observant

As previously touched upon, many ducted air conditioning system owners only notice that something is wrong, when the system stops working. Prevent this by keeping an eye on the performance of your AC. Since ducted systems usually involve cooling of multiple rooms, take the time to check the cooling performance for each room. And if you notice that something is wrong in one room in particular, have it checked by a professional as soon as possible. 

Set for a professional inspection at least once a year

This is one way to make sure that your systems function flawlessly and the integrity of the ducts are still intact because while you can keep an eye and ear out, it is always best to have a professional take a look. Make sure to only hire qualified professionals to conduct the inspections with most service providers usually having professionals that they can assign to you, so you are guaranteed that the inspector is fully knowledgeable on the brand of air conditioner you have and your equipment’s history.

Set the timers

For ducted air conditioning systems its best to set timers according to your schedule. That way you save on your electric bill by only having the system operate and consume energy during certain times of the day. Setting the timer is especially good during summer months where the evenings are humid as you can set them ahead of time, so by the time you get home your house will already be at a comfortable temperature.  

Following these tips not only makes sure that your ducted air conditioning systems runs smoothly, but also helps in saving money around potential fixing costs and avoidable issues with the system. Thus making sure you get the most out of your ducted air conditioning system.