Quality Control Methods in Construction – What to Try

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(Newswire.net — July 1, 2019) — A construction project is only successful when you can achieve a perfect balance between time, quality and total cost. The quality control is different from that of the quality management sector. This is because the concerned party has to ensure that the facilities and products used in the construction project are perfect according to their requirements. The best way to control quality is by inspecting the products. The engineers responsible for quality control have to minimize the chance of any defects before the ultimate project is delivered to the owner. Here are some of the effective quality control methods in construction.

Quality Control Methods in Construction 

Some quality control methods in construction include quality assurance, failure testing, statistical control and more. 

#1: Quality Assurance

This is one of the most important parts of quality control. This method helps in covering the activities and different phases of construction such as design, development, production, and servicing. The quality assurance can also cover the areas of materials, management production, services, inspection and other areas related to assuring the quality of the service or product. With the help of this step, one can be assured that the materials and services provided are of the best quality.

#2: Failure Testing

Testing is always a great idea when it comes to any project. Without testing it will be foolishness to accept or approve any service or products. Thus, this step plays a vital role and it involves testing a product to check if it fails or not. The products can be placed under different circumstances like vibration, humidity and temperature to test. This method can actually help to expose any hidden weaknesses of the concerned products.

#3: Statistical Control

This is the next step for quality control. This method can actually help you to know whether or not the end result will be perfect. This is the step which is used by almost every manufacturing company in the world. They use statistical control for improving the project. This process is all about random sampling of different products and then testing a portion of the outcome to know whether or not it is right to be used further.

#4: Company Quality

Here, the process involves the management to lead a quality improvement process. This can actually help you in improving the product or service in total. When each and every department gives special attention for improving the quality of the product or service, a successful outcome will emerge.

#5: Total Quality Control

Different techniques and measures are used in this case to increase the quality of the product. This quality control technique is right for improving the quality of different products.


So, the quality control methods in construction is a step by step method which is compiled together to form the best result. This is important to ensure that quality standards of any construction project is high, no matter how much time, how many phases there are, effort, jobs or expense it needs. The quality control is one of the best ways to ensure that the construction project is perfect and safe by the project manager. When the quality is compromised, the safety and durability of the entire construction project is compromised along with it. So, you need to be very careful and follow all these steps for the best quality control.