Work Modifications Better Than Quitting Job for Arthritis Sufferers

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( — July 9, 2019) Orlando, FL — For many arthritis sufferers, it is quite difficult to continue working due to pain and immobility. However, there are actually ways that can help sufferers stay productive and employed.

Work modifications are better than quitting job for arthritis sufferers. There are actually many things that sufferers can do to keep working.

Arthritis sufferers can resort to measures that could help them work better. They can actually work any job just as long as the right accommodations are made. Employers are thus required to make reasonable accommodations for individuals with arthritis.

Individuals suffering from this condition may use wrist rest for typing or when using a mouse. They may also adjust the keyboard, computer monitor, or desk space to different heights or pair them with ergonomic furniture.

Veterinarians, doctors, lawyers, and other highly trained professionals can also continue practicing even if they have rheumatoid arthritis. They can simply train assistants and instruct them to do some physical stuff. Assistants may lift heavy animals or administer certain procedures.

There are other creative accommodations that are found to be helpful to arthritis sufferers. This includes work sharing, flexible scheduling, or ergonomic office design. All of these can help arthritis sufferers stay productive and employed.

Arthritis sufferers do not actually have to quit working as there are certain measures they can resort to in making work easier. It is imperative that those with arthritis are able to manage their pain and overall condition.

According to the report in the Arthritis Care & Research journal, individuals with arthritis have achieved improvements in their workplace productivity due to the use of biologic medications. These pharmaceutical drugs are actually helpful for many individuals with arthritis.

While these medications are useful, it is important to remember that they could potentially cause side effects. What makes their use even more disadvantageous is that these adverse effects may actually be more severe than arthritis.

Thus, it would be wise to consider the use of safer alternatives like glucosamine. This natural remedy has been found to be useful in repairing damage cartilage. It could also significantly help enhance overall joint health.

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