How to Save Money for Disney World Vacation – Easy Tips

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( — July 2, 2019) — Who doesn’t love Disney? It’s such a magical place: adults remember childhood, kids get super excited and, even though you don’t see it, the mouse is making your money dissapear. If you are looking for some tips on how to save money for Disney World vacation, this post will be perfect for you.

How to Save Money For Disney World Vacation

Save Money on your Disney World Tickets

There are different ways to save some money on Disney tickets. You can purchase tickets online to sometimes get an online coupon code. You can also think about getting an annual pass if you frequent the park often. This will prevent overspending on tickets. 

Save Money on Traveling Expenses

Well, if you are in the US and you are not that far away from the park, you could consider renting a car and getting there on your own. But if you are not that lucky, don’t worry! 

Booking a flight with points or miles may be one of the greatest ways to do it. Other ideas would be flying on low-cost airlines, buying the tickets at the right season and setting flight drop alerts to your mail. 

Save Money on Food and Drinks

The best way to save money at Disney World is to bring snacks into the park. Disney World snacks can be quite expensive. Therefore, if you bring your own water and snacks it can actually save you quite a but money throughout your vacation. 

When you are in your hotel, you may want to get some groceries from the local food market. If you have a kitchen in your hotel room, also consider making dinner or breakfast – this will save a ton on restaurant expenses. 

Other Ways to Save Money

A big way to save at Disney World is to pack certain items to bring with you to the park. For example, if it is supposed to rain at the park bring an umbrella, this will prevent you from spending way too much on an umbrella at the park. 

If you are a first timer at Disney World, there are key things to remember when visiting the park. Specifically, when it comes to spending money. It is very easy to overspend in the park. Make sure you create a spending budget and stick to it. 

Follow the tips above to know how to save money for Disney World vacation. By considering the tips above you are sure to make the most out of your vacation without breaking the bank.