Experts Reveal the Evidence-based Tricks to Protect Heart Health

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( — July 16, 2019) Orlando, FL — As the mortality rates of heart disease continue to increase, more and more experts are strongly recommending some measures to ward off the condition.

According to health care providers, there are many ways to take better care of the heart. One is to have a yearly checkup for blood pressure, cholesterol and glucose levels.

It is similarly important to engage in physical activities, which have long been scientifically found to offer a range of health benefits. 

Experts say it may be helpful to get at least 15 minutes of exercise a day and increase the duration by five minutes every week until the minimum of 30 minutes most days are achieved.

It is worth remembering that engaging in regular exercise can also aid in weight management, which is essential in warding off heart disease.

Staying hydrated is another important step in having a healthy heart. Doctors recommend consuming more water and also to follow a heart-healthy diet.

There are foods scientifically found to be detrimental to heart health, and they are usually the processed, fatty, and junk ones.

Scientists strongly recommend intake of vegetables and fruits as they are considered to be among the healthiest food options.

Taking care of heart health can be made possible or successful through the help of nutrients like vitamin B1.

In a study involving thiamine-deficient laboratory rats, it has been found that there was a 60-percent decrease in acetylcholine synthesis and a variety of neurological symptoms over the course of two months

Experts say that vitamin B1 deficiency hinders or disrupts the efficient communication between the nerves and muscles. This can trigger some irregularities in the rhythm of the heart.

Studies have also revealed thiamine aids in fighting heart disease and heart failure. It could even help in the proper functioning of the heart’s ventricles.

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Aside from its high potency, it is worth mentioning it is also free from unwanted, nasty ingredients like GMOs, binders, fillers, additives, stearates, and preservatives.

It is important to be warned these are some of the ingredients many health experts warn consumers against.

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