Different Ways to Fundraise – Top 3 Fundraising Events

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(Newswire.net — July 9, 2019) — Looking for different ways to fundraise? If you own or work for a charitable organization or any other non-profit entity, then you know that you have to raise funds from time to time to help fund and support your cause. Although some charities and non-profit organizations have some additional sources for their funding, fundraising remains to be one of the quickest ways to raise money for your initiatives. 

Different Ways to Fundraise

If you’ve been selected to organize a fundraiser, the process can be quite challenging, especially if you have no prior experience. One of the main challenges is picking the right fundraising idea that will have an impact on your potential supporters and motivate them to donate. To help you raise a successful fundraiser for your school, church, charity, or any other non-profit organization, we have put together 3 unique fundraising ideas below that you can use.

1. Treasure Hunt

This is one of the best fundraising ideas you can use if you’re looking to raise funds for a youth project, church project or even a school project. To execute this idea, you need to first find a corporate sponsor who can donate a big prize like a trip, a shopping spree, or even a car. Then, create an interesting treasure hunt game, where people would pay to enter and try their luck. They will be required to follow a trail of clues that will be located in different places until they reach the final clue and claim the grand prize.

2. Movie Night

This is yet another fun way to raise quick money for your cause. To execute this idea, you’ll need a large room with a big screen where you’ll hold your supports will gather and watch a movie. Each supporter will be required to pay a small amount like $15 to enter. During the event, you can sell snacks like candy and popcorn to generate additional income. You could also incorporate a silent auction or raffle to make additional money for your cause.

3. Car Wash

Another quick fundraising idea is a car wash. To execute this idea, all you need is a group of volunteers and supporters, bold signs, a location, and some cleaning supplies. You’ll also need access to a water supply. For the best turnover, hold the event on a weekend like Sunday when people are not busy. 

When planning for your car wash fundraiser, make sure you promote it well beforehand. Flyers/posters, social media, word of mouth, pre-sell vouchers and local media outlets are some of the ways you can spread the word to potential volunteers. 

On the day of fundraising, set up the car wash and organize your volunteers into smaller groups, and give each of them one main task such as soaping, washing off or drying the car to make the process smooth. You need to have seats at the location where your customers can sit and wait for their cars to be cleaned. You can generate additional revenue by selling warm beverages and doughnuts.

These are some of the unique fundraising ideas you can use to raise funds for your cause. Just put your best efforts into whichever idea you choose and you’ll see good results. These different ways to fundraise are sure to gather donations quickly.