Things to Consider When Relocating Your Base of Manufacturing

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( — July 9, 2019) — Every second wasted has a direct impact on your potential revenues, and it is vitally important to be up and running as quickly as possible in your new location with minimal impact to your customers. 

There is so much to consider, from dismantling operations, to transit and machinery installations in your new premises and it is highly recommended to hire an expert who can provide the end to end service and so minimise the number of contractors involved and the risks associated with having a number of service suppliers to coordinate. But what does that end to end service look like? Here are some things you will want to look for during your procurement process. 

Look for robust disassembly and reassembly processes

You need to be sure that the service you use has a robust, well-designed and organized process for disassembly and reassembly. Ask your potential provider about the methodology they have in place to reduce risk and ensure that the process will be fast and effective. 

Make sure that they are prepared with appropriate documentation and assessments, but also that they have a good communication plan for status updates during the relocation too. A good provider will be able to provide regular updates about the status of your machinery, as well as be able to forecast potential repairs that will be needed and provide consultancy on any improvements that could be implemented. 

You should also look for tight budget control, and that all aspects of the project are secure and readily available. 

Check they can provide the right transport 

It is important to be able to identify if the provider is able to manage the moving and transport of your type of machinery, whether it is a full production line or a one-off industrial process. 

You will be looking for a company that can really optimize this element, not only to keep costs to the business down, but so that the machinery can be relocated quickly, reliably and with minimum impact to both the business and the environment. 

If you are looking for a global relocation, or for example you have purchased machinery from abroad that needs to be brought to your premises, then make sure the company has the experience and the knowledge to be able to handle such a relocation. They need to be well versed in international transit, including how to navigate the required licences and permits needed and the connections need to ship heavy duty industrial machinery. 

Look for evidence of high quality installations

You will want to check how experienced the staff are that will handle your project, and that they have the specialist skills needed. You are likely to need highly skilled workmen who are experts in engineering, electrics, mechanics, cutting and welding, plumbing, pneumatics, hydraulics and air conditioning. Preferably they will also have expertise in your sector. Check for evidence of tailoring the project to your exact needs. 

Check what type of follow up services can be purchased

Once installation is complete, for some companies that is the end of the road. But all to often there can be general maintenance and wear and tear issues later on. It will save you time and effort of retraining if you can simply use the same provider that installed the machinery in the first place and has a deep understanding of your set up. 

As part of choosing your service provider, check  out what they also offer in terms of long term breakdown assistance and maintenance plans. An investment here could save you a lot of money in the long run, and keep production running efficiently and with minimal downtime.