Data Breach Mitigation Software Source Info Masking Tool Named Best of 2019

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( — July 9, 2019) — IRI have announced that DarkShield, their data masking product, has been named one of 2019’s trend setting products by Database Trends and Applications. IRI is known for its high quality products with a focus on mitigating the effects of data breaches.

Innovative Routines International (IRI) have announced that their new data masking product, DarkShield, has been named a Trend-Setting Product for 2019 by Database Trends and Applications. This marks the fourth consecutive year that IRI software products have made the list.

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Database Trends and Applications is published by Information Today and is a bimonthly industry magazine. Its list of trendsetting products recognizes the best options on the marketplace, helping customers to stay up to date with the ever-changing market.

IRI explains that in today’s world, businesses need to keep abreast of data breach. IRI data protection software like FieldShield, DarkShield, and CellShield discover, and then mask, encrypt or otherwise de-identify people and other sensitive data in structured, semi-structured and unstructured sources.

Chakra Max provides robust, low-impact firewall features like monitoring, auditing and protecting for multiple high-traffic databases.

These products help to mitigate the risks of a data breach and support compliance with data privacy regulations applicable to various industries and jurisdictions.

Data protection is important for every business in every niche, but is especially crucial for healthcare and banking businesses that have access to such personal data.

IRI is a quiet but long-proven leader in the field of data processing and is known for its excellent service. The company’s wide range of products can help to protect data and reduce the damage caused if there ever is a breach.

With DarkShield, users can find sensitive data in unstructured sources through multiple techniques at once. It is a product that provides a single user friendly interface to do everything at the same time, or otherwise take the process on through scheduled steps.

It’s easy to generate audit-ready reports with DarkShield, and it offers local and LAN wide protection.

Those wishing to find out more can visit the IRI website on the link provided above.