Kennewick DUI Lawyer Appropriate Minimums Penalty Attorney Report Launched

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( — July 9, 2019) — Kennewick, WA — A new repot has been launched by Clearwater Law Group focusing on DUI cases and their penalties. It points out the need to know the appropriate minimums and the benefit of working with a specialist attorney.

Clearwater Law Group have launched a new report on DUI penalties for anyone around Kennewick dealing with a charge. It covers the length of time for typical crimes, what to expect, and advice for those going through a DUI case.

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Clearwater Law Group have a highly experienced and expert team who can help clients dealing with DUI cases. They provide free consultations, and work with clients to fight for the best result in their case.

The report explains that the first question that clients often have is to do with how much time they’re looking at. It points out that gross misdemeanors are 364 days in jail maximum, with no minimum.

Meanwhile, misdemeanors are 90 days in jail maximum, with no minimum. Felonies are substantially more complicated, but the one that trips most people up is DUI.

Because a DUI is a gross misdemeanor, it comes with the maximum jail penalty of 364 days. However, the minimum sentence varies wildly between fact patterns.

If the alcohol concentration was less than 0.15 or there was no test result, the days can range from 1-365 if the client has no priors. With one prior, they could get 30-365 days, or with two priors that number rises to 90-365.

If the alcohol concentration is at least 0.15, or the test was refused, no priors sees a result of 2-365 days, while one prior gets 45-365 and two or more priors results in 120-365 days.

The report states: “Essentially, a DUIs minimum punishment is determined by two factors, one, how many DUIs you have had in the past two years, and two, what the result of the breath or blood test was.”

To determine the first factor, clients need to look at every time they were charged with a DUI. The second factor is determined by the result of the test.

Anyone who has been charged with DUI needs to be clear on the appropriate minimums. Being able to convince the prosecutor that a prior DUI is outside of seven by a day or two, or that a refusal wasn’t a refusal, can be the difference between a slap on the wrist or weeks in jail.

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