How to Wear High Heels with Jeans – Tips and Tricks

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( — July 10, 2019) — Want to know the various ways to know how to wear high heels with jeans? Or maybe you’d like to know if is it OK to wear heels with jeans? There’s a no-fail trick to instantly jazz up any given pair of jeans: it’s with a pair of femme footwear. To be very specific, the heels and jeans will do the trick. Gal shoes are fun, sophisticated and there’s a vast selection to choose from! 

How to Wear High Heels with Jeans

Whatever type of trousers, denim, or pants you’re wearing, there’s always a pair of shoes out there that will complete your look.

What heels to wear with jeans with ripped-style?

Ripped jeans are as cool and casual as denim can get. Put on trendy sling-back heels of a vibrant color such as poppy red, and you’re sure to appear both exquisite and edgy. Topping it off with a dainty tie-waist blouse will nail the look!

What’re the best skinny jeans with heels-outfit?

Skinny jeans are every girl’s go-to-jeans. Pairing it with high pointed-toe pumps with an in-season color will streamline your elegant silhouette. Ever wonder how do you wear stilettos casually? Your go-to skinnies are the way to go. Use this with a blazer and a printed top for work, and switch to a moto jacket for your after-work happy hour plan.

What’s a great bootcut jeans and heels duo?

I’m sure you love your pair of versatile bootcut jeans which you can wear all year round. So, you may ask what heels to wear with jeans of this style. Heeled ankle boots will give this dynamic denim an extra flair for sure. Choose a peep-toe laser cut for summer, and go for pointed-toe suede come autumn. A plaid button-down would make your outfit completely perfect. 

How to have sleek wide-leg jeans and heels ensemble?  

Wearing heels with jeans that are wide-legs is your best way of saying, “I can be daring and casual at once.” 

Pulling off these wide-legged jeans with heels outfit is easy with block heels or heeled mules. Wear a chic and simple blouse that cinches the waist to achieve a high-spirited silhouette. All these elements just give you that cool retro effect.

Just an extra helpful tip: if the temperature hits triple digits, a cropped wide-legged style partnered with nude shoes is a more sensible option.

How to come up with fashionable boyfriend jeans with heels outfit?

Boyfriend jeans and heels are a convenient choice when you’re in a style rut. Mix your tops and accessories with a stylish pair of boyfriend jeans. Put on slinky stiletto heels or colorful stacked heels to achieve a contrasting look. To add an extra punch, complete your attire with an embroidered top. Tired of dresses and want to know, “What can I wear with heels?” Boyfriend jeans and heels may just be what you need to try on.

This edgy look is also the answer if you wonder: How do you wear stilettos casually?

What tops can I wear with heels and jeans?

With various jeans and heels duos available, you might wonder what tops go well with this trendy and new-found alternative. Let’s cover that topic below.

  • Casual tops plus heels and jeans

There are other trendy ways in how to wear heels with jeans: partner them with your favorite Tees or casual button-ups. Look at your wardrobe for camo or plaid ones. And, add flair to your outfit with a pop-of-color bag. This is a great spring look as well. 

  • Blouses with heels and jeans

Looking for other alternatives to your jeans with heels outfit? Getting ready for a night out is hassle-free when you slip into an elegant cami blouse of burgundy shade, classic yet simple black jeans, and pumps. Talk about instant style!

  • Blazers with jeans and heels

Wearing heels with jeans has never been more creative than when you don a vibrant blazer and grab your colored jeans for a vivid color block effect. But mellow down the eye-catching contrast with neutral pumps to keep your ensemble balanced.

Hopefully, with the guide above, you now know how to wear high heels with jeans. There are several different ways you can pull off the classic look. With the right combination, you will surely dazzle.