7 Reasons Why You Need a Mouth Guard

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(Newswire.net — July 11, 2019) — Many people don’t realize that a lot of things happen to the mouth while sleeping at night. The mouth doesn’t remain stationary while sleeping, which means that it’s possible for you to grind or clench your teeth during your sleep. The primary issue with teeth clenching and grinding is that it can be difficult to even know that these things are happening to you since they occur while you’re sleeping. In order to prevent these issues from ever occurring in the first place, it’s highly recommended that you obtain a dental mouth guard, which is typically worn at night. These are thin and transparent devices that easily slip over the teeth and will prevent your two rows of teeth from touching. While there are many reasons why you need a mouth guard, the following is a comprehensive look at seven of them.

1. Reduces Possibility of Tooth Cracking

Among the most problematic issues caused by teeth clenching and grinding is that an undue amount of pressure is placed on the teeth. Over time, clenching and grinding can cause so much pressure that one or more of your teeth begin to crack or fracture, the latter of which is a more serious breaking of the tooth. It’s also possible for these issues to occur with crowns, which means that you should still consider a mouth guard even if you have numerous artificial teeth. Even though some pressure occurs on your teeth whenever you eat food, both grinding and clenching cause much more pressure to occur than they teeth are able to handle. If you want to prevent the possibility of your teeth cracking or fracturing, a mouth guard can help you keep these issues at bay.

2. Lessens Teeth Wear

Even if your teeth don’t crack or fracture, it’s highly likely that your teeth will become worn down over time in the event that you suffer from bruxism, which refers to teeth grinding. This issue is very difficult to notice because of how gradually it occurs. While you may not notice the day-to-day wear and tear that occurs on your teeth, this wear does add up and can lead to a wide array of problems with the health of your teeth. Once the protective enamel on your teeth has become worn down, the underlying tooth will be more prone to fracturing, discoloration, and tooth decay that results in cavities. When you visit a dentist such as ours for a regular cleaning, we’ll be able to help you determine if your teeth have started to show some wear and tear. A mouth guard will keep your teeth in good shape and lessen the possibility that damage is done to the enamel on your teeth.

3. Eliminates Tooth Pain

If ever you find that one or more of your teeth are painful, there’s a distinct possibility that this pain is caused by the early development of a cavity. When a cavity first forms, it can be difficult to see, which means that you’ll experience the symptoms of a cavity before noticing the decay. However, there’s also a chance that your tooth pain is being caused by nightly teeth grinding and clenching. This pain can be avoided entirely by wearing a mouth guard. Even though a mouth guard is made from a very thin plastic material, it’s highly durable and will invariably protect your teeth from clenching together during the night, which eliminates the possibility of pain.

4. Treats Symptoms of TMJ

TMJ is a very common disorder that directly affects the temporomandibular joint, which is located within the jaw. This disorder causes the affected individual to feel pain within the jaw as well as issues with movement of the jaw joint and the muscles that surround this joint. Whenever you chew food, the jaw joint is essential for this function. When you grind and clench your teeth, the mouth and underlying jaw structures can become damaged, which includes the ligaments, muscles, teeth, and nerves in this area. You can effectively reduce damage to this joint with a mouth guard, which lessens the possibility that you develop TMJ.

5. Prevents Chronic Headaches

Chronic headaches can occur for any number of reasons and will typically cause the affected individual to experience mild or moderate pain that feels like a band around your head. Often referred to as stress headaches, these headaches can make it difficult to work or concentrate, which could lessen your productivity. Chronic versions of these headaches are ones that are long-lasting and occur on a somewhat regular basis. One common cause of chronic headaches is bruxism since pressure on the jaw can lead to a headache. A mouth guard will eliminate this pressure, which should allow you to prevent these headaches in the future.

6. Helps You Save Money

Among the top benefits of obtaining a mouth guard is that it will allow you to save a substantial sum of money that you would otherwise be required to pay in order to treat the damage caused by teeth grinding or clenching. Even if the effects aren’t immediate, bruxism will invariably destroy the condition of your teeth if years go by without treatment. A mouth guard is a simple and effective way to keep you from making an expensive investment on dental care.

7. Prevents Snoring

It’s also possible for a mouth guard to prevent snoring. While this issue isn’t related to bruxism, snoring can be frustrating for you and your partner, which is why it’s highly recommended that you obtain a mouth guard. Snoring is caused by a blockage in the airways. When you wear a mouth guard at night, a space is created between the jaws that will open up your airways and help you breathe better.

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