9 Trends You Need to Know for Reconstructing Your Home

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(Newswire.net — July 11, 2019) — Every year, new design trends inspire homeowners to renovate their houses. While some trends may come and go, there are a few design ideas that will significantly improve the marketability of your home. Considering a remodel? Let the following trends inspire your next renovation project. 

1. Choose Open Floor Plans

Open floor plans are having a moment when it comes to popular designs for homes. This trend has been going strong for years and isn’t going anywhere soon. Open plan homes offer many benefits and this type of layout should be on your list as you consider renovations. 

In terms of your home’s aesthetic, having an open plan makes any house feel more inviting and larger overall. All the space in a home with an open layout makes it easier for family and friends to connect with one another as there are few or no walls separating each room. Similarly, with fewer walls, your home will have more natural lighting, making your home look even brighter and bigger.

2. Use Warmer Paint Colors

While a nice white coat of paint will work well for almost any home, homeowners looking to spice things up during their remodeling should consider warmer paint colors. These warmer and earthier tones are a great alternative to more traditional grays, whites, and eggshells that were popular in the past. According to experts, the shades of the year are dove grey, lilac, terracotta, and a mid-tone blue. 

These warm colors will help to ground your home and create a comforting atmosphere. If you’re hoping to sell your home, these lighter, natural colors will make it easier for a buyer to envision themselves living in the home. 

3. Build with Mixed Metals

Mixed metals are another trend that homeowners are embracing. As you remodel your home, consider pairing various metal finishes throughout your house. Lately, designers favor metal finishes like matte black, gunmetal, pewter, brass, and copper. 

When choosing what metals to mix in your home, consider using one metal hue as your dominant tone and create contrast with another dynamic metal. Then, base your decision on the temperature of the palette in each room. For example, warmer palettes should use brass and copper while cooler palettes should use cooler-toned metals like stainless steel and pewter. 

4. Bring the Outdoors Inside

Bring elements from the outdoors inside to help bring more life into your home. Using certain natural materials will help to soften up a design aesthetic that might otherwise be too modernized. By balancing the sleek and otherwise sterile look of most contemporary homes today with natural elements like wood, concrete, copper, and stone, you’ll be able to transform your house into a home with a truly unique style. 

5. Consider Using Alternative Appliances

Part of ever renovation involves upgrading your appliances. If you’re really hoping to create a new look for your home, consider using Builders Veraneice Gold Coast to install alternative appliances in your home. While stainless steel is often the go-to for appliances in most homes, today’s trendy homeowners consider using white, black, or brightly colored appliances. Additionally, these appliances are often built into the cabinetry seamlessly, making your home look as sleek as possible.

As you choose your various appliances, consider going for a full upgrade by opting for technologically advanced options. Appliances like induction cooktops, steam ovens, french door ovens, and the like will really take your home to the next level.

6. Create a Colorful Kitchen

Painting your kitchen white is a solid choice, but colorful kitchens are certainly popular at the moment. Today’s homeowners are opting for cabinets that are alternatives to the classic white. Options like grey, cream, and black work just as well as color options like blue, green, and warmer tones of wood stain. 

Another style trend to consider in the kitchen is two-tone cabinetry. When creating this style, your cabinets will pair lighter and darker cabinets throughout the kitchen.

7. Try Open Shelving

Open shelving is another trend taking the design world by storm. In place of kitchen cabinets, many homeowners are installing open shelving. Open shelves are a cost-effective way to make any home feel brighter and bigger. However, these open cabinets require a bit more upkeep to ensure they remain clean and organized. 

Before committing to this style, try removing the cabinet doors in your kitchen. If you’re in love with how the open shelving displays your kitchenware, perhaps this trend is a great choice for you. 

8. Opt for Statement Tile

Make a statement with your choice of tile. With statement tile, homeowners can give their homes a more distinct aesthetic. Various tile choices like colorful tiles, creative finishes, and distinct textures are popular options for statement tiles. Additionally, more traditional styles like natural stone, river rock, quartzite, concrete, and marble are attractive and more low-maintenance alternatives to the classic porcelain tile choice. 

9. Add More Lighting

There’s nothing that opens up a room quite like the right lighting. During your home reconstruction, consider adding more lighting. Whether you open up space by creating more windows or bringing in more lighting solutions, creating a brighter space will give your home a more expansive feel. 

As you consider your lighting options, keep popular trends in mind. Many homeowners are opting for under cabinet lighting, kick plate lighting, over island lighting, and pendant lights. Your choice in lighting can change the feel of a room, so pick your lighting solutions wisely. 

Renovation is all about giving your home a new lease on life. Whether you’re knocking down walls and tearing up the floors or just working on a few renovation projects here and there, make sure your reconstruction ideas improve your home’s marketability. Keep this list of trending remodeling ideas in mind when preparing to renovate your home.