Magnetize SEO and Traffic Generation System and Training Launched

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( — July 12, 2019) — New York, NY — Muncheye and Bill Hugall announced the launch of the Magnetize SEO and traffic generation system on the 12th of July, 2019 at a front-end price of $13. The system generates traffic and sales without the need for a website, video production, or technical skills.

Product launch partner Bill Hugall announced the upcoming Muncheye launch of Magnetize, an SEO & traffic generation system and training course. The product is scheduled to launch at 10 AM Eastern time on the 12th of July, 2019.

More information about Magnetize is available at$

The newbie-friendly system is proven and tested to deliver scalable and sustained traffic and monetization. The method is designed to help marketers and businesses efficiently build customer lists and exponentially increase lead generation capabilities.

The system does not require users to possess any special technical knowledge or have preexisting digital assets or processes such as a website, SEO, blogging, and video production.

Magnetize does not need the creation or launch of a new product in order to generate sustained profits. The system provides individuals, brands, and businesses with rapid monetization options without a large budget or extensive planning. Magnetize supports the creation and engagement of large follower bases, opt-in management, and sales.

Magnetize includes a complete overview of the system and method, instructions on how to set up and manage a campaign, customization options, and DFY tools & resources. The system is backed by customer support and over-the-shoulder instructional training videos, helping marketers drive thousands of niche targeted visitors to a website.

According to a spokesperson for Magnetize, “We are excited to launch Magnetize as a simple point-and-click SEO & traffic generation and commissions system. We look forward to helping new and non-technical users benefit from high-value traffic and incomes through this proven and easy-to-use system.”

Magnetize is a full-featured SEO & Traffic system and internet marketing training by product creator and marketing coach Bill Hugall with launch partners SimpleSpencer and Vardaan Vashisth. The system will launch at a front-end price of $13.

More information is available at and at the URL above.