Can CBD Stops Seizures

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( — July 15, 2019) — The popularity of CBD is rapidly increasing because of the various benefits that come with it. That is why parents of epileptic children are interested in finding out that whether CBD can be used as a solution for seizures or not. The authorities in the US are supporting the experiments and trials to find out whether cannabis will be an effective method or not. However, there are chances that political pressure might speed the experimentation process and parents will be able to find out the answer to their question.

However, in recent research it has been shown that the patients who were taking 20 mg of CBD per kg of their body weight have noticed 42% reduction in their seizures as compared to the 17% reduction in the placebo group. Patients and experts are interested in finding out how it can be made possible. Here are some of the reasons how CBD can be effective again seizures.

Reduce stress

Commonly the biggest cause of seizures and epilepsy is stress. There are many people and children who are suffering from this problem because they are unable to manage stress. However, CBD can effectively calm their senses and allow them to stay relaxed. Once they will not be stressed the chances of having seizures will be effectively reduced.

Protection against panic attack

A panic attack is one of the biggest problems that leads to seizures. There are various causes of panic attacks. They commonly happen because of phobia. Like some people have panic attacks while they are crowded places and some have them while they are in dark or small places. In this situation, CBD can be effective. It will increase the release of GABA that is an inhibiting receptor. It will calm down the brain cells and assure that you will not go into the state of panic attack. Once you are able to control your panic attack it will get easier to work on your seizures and epilepsy.

Keep muscles relaxed

After seizures patients have to suffer from hypertonus muscles. It is the condition in which the tone of muscles is increased. That is why the muscles will be tight and hard to stretch. However, by using CBD this problem can be reduced. It will help relax the muscles effectively. In this way even when you are having minor seizures you can use CBD afterwards and reduce the fatigue and painful sensations that you have been suffering from so far.

However, there are experts who are still conducting research on CBD. They want to know whether it will be effective in children who are suffering from the same condition or not. Make sure that you consult an expert before you can start using the product for your children. Even adults should only use medical grade CBD to assure that they will not have to suffer from any serious side effects that come with it.