How to Clean a Spill on Carpet – Key Tips and Tricks

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( — July 15, 2019) — It can be a frustrating event in the normal course of our day when a drink takes an unwanted tumble, and we are left with a colorful mess on our previously pristine carpet. How can we deal with such a scenario, in order to restore both our carpet as well as our peace of mind? Well thankfully, by following just a few simple steps, we can bring balance and harmony back to carpet (and our day). So, the next time you are confronted with a troublesome, messy spill, don’t fret – just follow these straightforward tips on how to clean a spill on carpet to rejuvenate your carpet back to squeaky clean condition in no time!

How to Clean a Spill on Carpet

Don’t know how to clean a spill on carpet? You should first treat the spill area, apply a pre-mixed cleaning solution to the spill area and more.

Cleaning Juice Stains

To treat stains caused by a spill from a colorful drink (such as juice) follow these steps:

1. Treat the Spill Area

Begin the process of removing the spill from the carpet by first applying pressure to it using a white dry towel or cloth material. While using something other than a towel is possible, towels generally work well due to the absorbent nature of the materials from which they are constructed. Apply a gentle, yet firm pressure to the spill area, being very careful not to wipe or rub the towel, as this can actually make the juice or water stain more difficult to remove by reinforcing it into the carpet. Apply the towel evenly over the area to complete the first step in completely removing the unwanted juice or colored drink liquid from your carpet.

2. Apply a Pre-Mixed Cleaning Solution to the Spill Area

For this step, you will need to mix a solution comprised of a water base and either white vinegar or dishwasher detergent (or a combination of both). To make the dishwater detergent mix, simply place one fourth of a teaspoon of dishwasher detergent into a single cup of semi-hot water. The vinegar based cleaning solution is created by combining one cup of white vinegar with two cups of water. Yet a third option is to place one fourth of a cup of white vinegar into a spray bottle along with one tablespoon of dishwasher detergent, finally filling a spray bottle with water. If you do not wish to apply a mixed solution, you could alternatively substitute the mixture for an oil solvent solution (otherwise, a non-acetone nail polish remover may be used).

3. Apply the Cleaning Mixture to the Spill Area

Since the solution will be applied to the spilled area by spraying it, a spray bottle will be necessary. After filling your spray bottle with the cleaning solution of your choice (except for in the case of the oil solvent, which may be applied using a cloth), spray the affected area generously. Do not touch the area after you have applied the solution, as this could negatively impact its effectiveness to thoroughly treat the area. Instead, patiently wait anywhere between five to ten minutes for the cleaning solution to seep into the carpet after having fully canvassed the entire spill zone. This step is very important, as the entire process will depend on how well the solution is able to interact with the affected carpet.

4. Blot the Stain Away

To finish up, take a white, clean towel and blot the area until the stain comes away from the carpet clean. If done correctly, you should be left with a carpet that once again looks spotless and free from the color of the spill. Of course, results may vary depending on the type of carpet material you have and how quickly you are able to treat the spill. For these reasons, it is important to do your research regarding your specific carpet materials and to mix your solutions beforehand so that they can be more quickly applied in the case of a spill.

Cleaning Coffee Spills

For coffee spills instead of juice, alter the method to try this approach:

1. Treat the Spill Area

To begin with, use a totally dry white towel to blot the coffee spill area. Here, the idea is to make certain that the area is dry before preceding. As before, it is important to be careful not to worsen the spill by rubbing the towel or moving it about. If your original towel gets saturated from absorbing the coffee, use another dry towel to continue the process until the area is dried.

2. Apply a Pre-Mixed Cleaning Solution to the Spill Area

Use a mixture containing a single tablespoon of dishwasher detergent, one tablespoon of white vinegar, and two cups of warm water. With a clean, white, and dry cloth, start applying the mixture to the stained area by sponging it. Make sure to apply the solution evenly and firmly, covering all of the carpet affected. Apply only a small amount at a time, until at last the entire portion of carpet is completely treated.

3. Blot the Stain Away

Lastly, it is time to dry the area and finish the stain removal process. Use a dry cloth to blot the treated area many times, making sure to leave no portion of the carpet untouched. Once dried, sponge the area a final time using cold water, rather than the cleaning solution as we did previously. Finally, we will end with drying the area by blotting it using a dry towel or cloth.

Bottom Line 

What a relief! It has now become apparent that we can fully confront the undesirable situation of a nasty spill, soiling our once beautiful carpet! Whether life throws coffee or a bright, juicy drink our way, we can now fearlessly counter with our own secret arsenal of stain-fighting liquids and knowledge of how to clean a spill on carpet. Knowing how to deal with spills from various types of common drinks means that we will never need to be put on edge again by an unexpected bump, or careless drop — no matter how badly stained your carpet is. Whether it’s our favorite cup of joe, or the little one’s juice box or kool-aid cup, we can face the spill with complete confidence with this knowledge and carpet cleaning hacks, certain of the spotless result that awaits us in the end.