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(Newswire.net — July 15, 2019) — Brands and businesses have realized the power of social media monitoring. What is this concept and what makes it different from social media listening? It’s a way of finding out about your brand through blog posts, news sites, social media channels, and other types of content. 

Monitoring is the process of collecting data and searching for it. Meanwhile, social media listening involves analyzing the data. 

Some of the most common monitoring tools include Brandwatch Analytics, Buzzsumo, If This Then That, Hootsuite, and HowSociable. The great thing about these tools is that most of them are free to use or come with a free trial. 

If you’re a social media newbie, then you’ll want to take advantage of these tools. It can enhance your monitoring efforts to a whole new level. Each tool offers a wide variety of features, functions, and in-depth analysis. 

Finding the right tool depends on your marketing goals and business needs. You can use monitoring tools to attract new customers, improve your products and services, and increase your brand’s reputation. 

Monitoring tools are used at both B2C and B2B businesses. Here are six ways that brands are using social media listening. 

1. Improve Products & Services

According to research firm Clutch, 25% of marketers say the biggest benefit of social media monitoring is to find ways to improve their products and services. They use this feedback to their benefit. 

If you’re a brand or business, then you need to learn how your customers use your products and services. This can help you determine what’s working and what’s not so you can improve on your marketing goals. 

2. Find New Customers

Another benefit of social media monitoring is finding new customers. You can use it to determine which customers are unhappy with your competitors. 

Or, you can have your customers come to you by researching your company. If you want to attract new customers, then you want to ensure that you’re taking good care of them. 

3. Improve Customer Service

Social media listening can be used to improve customer service. Most customers expect an immediate response to their questions or concerns, especially when they complain via social media. 

You want to avoid social media disaster from happening by remaining tasteful and not jumping onto hashtag trends just to get bites. Instead, you should focus on the audience that loves everything about you. 

4. Monitor Content Performance 

Social media monitoring helps you see how your content performs. While likes and shares feel good, they don’t lead to conversions or visits to your website. 

Instead, focus on creating content that targets your audience and engages with them. This leads to content that gets everyone talking. 

5. To Recruit & Hire New People

Another benefit of social media listening is hiring and recruiting people. People use a company’s social media account to see how they interact and help their customers. 

These are the same businesses that reveal how well they treat their customers. Companies can also use social media monitoring to find the right talent that supports their mission and goals. 

6. Monitor Your Competition 

A hidden benefit of social media monitoring is seeing what your competition is doing. While you’re not stalking your competition per se, you want to see what they’re doing that’s working and not working. 

Find out what other people are saying about your competitors on social media. This can help your company stand out in your industry and fill in the missing gaps. 

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