Special Upper Back Pain Report Now Available for Free

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(Newswire.net — August 14, 2019) Old Brookville, New York — A new upper back pain report is now available free of charge. This short 3-page report shares breakthrough information on the cause and successful treatment of upper back pain.

The short report is called “Why patients fail to get upper back pain relief…and how you can achieve relief”. Its valuable content puts people who are chronically suffering from upper back pain on the path to finding permanent relief.

 Included in this special report are answers to questions vital to those who have suffered with upper back pain:

 •   Why patients fail to get upper back pain relief?

•    What are the 3 common reasons why relief is often only a hope and NOT a reality?

•    What therapies do doctors commonly prescribe for upper back pain?

•    What are F-BOM’s and how do they commonly cause most patients upper back pain?

•    What you can do to prevent getting stuck in a never-ending pain rut?

This special upper back pain report is directly available from the pioneer of the upper back pain specialty, Dr. Justin Mandel, DOM, AP, LAC.  Dr. Mandel is the medical director and specialist at the Center For Upper Back Pain Relief. The Center For Upper Back Pain Relief is the first upper back pain specialty practice in the United States. The Center For Upper Back Pain Relief offers new patients 30-minute consultations to help determine the cause of one’s upper back pain.

The Center For Upper Back Pain Relief uses the patent-pending TrapEAZE Technique® to treat its upper back pain patients. The TrapEAZE Technique® has been perfected over a period of more than 10 years. This powerful technique has eliminated upper back pain and provided effective long-term relief in those patients where conventional therapy has failed. It is non-surgical and non-pharmacological offering patients side-effect-free therapy.

Dr. Mandel had this to say about the release this brand new report, “It’s about time that upper back pain sufferers had access to a short report like this. The important information contained within it could prevent someone from enduring months or even years worth of pain. Many people with upper back pain go through even years worth of therapy only to end up with chronic pain. They think that upper back pain is something they have to live with, yet this is very rarely true.”

To download your free upper back pain special report please visit https://www.upperbackrelief.com/report.

About Center For Upper Back Pain Relief

The Center For Upper Back Pain Relief is accepting new patients today. We provide world-class care by a caring specialist who wants you to live pain free. Our unique specialty practice is the first in the nation to specialize in treating upper back pain. We proudly utilize the only upper back specific treatment in existence, the breakthrough TrapEAZE Technique®. The patent-pending TrapEAZE Technique® is a 4-step procedure that treats the root of upper back pain itself. In development for over 10-years, it’s been tested and perfected in high volume pain clinics with scores of patients who have been injured in car accidents or were injured at work. The medical director for the Center For Upper Back Pain is Florida based Dr. Justin Mandel, DOM AP LAC. With 20 plus years of experience in healthcare and as the pioneer of the TrapEAZE Technique®, Dr. Mandel is passionate about eliminating his patient’s upper back pain.

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