Can Buying an Admission Essay Guarantee Enrollment?

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( — July 16, 2019) — Higher education is a cherished dream for many schoolers, as it promises a razzmatazz career, much money, success, and many similar virtues. But getting to a college or university, even if your parents saved enough money throughout your lifetime to pay for it, is not that easy. Even having a great GPA and numerous diplomas and certificates is not a guarantee of enrolment, especially if you wish to get to the real top, like Princeton, Harvard, MIT, and the like. And you know what? 

Writing a wrong admission essay may be a hindrance to admission, and that’s what many students dread most of all. You can study well, be a great athlete, participate in extracurricular activities…but with writing being your linchpin, your chances to get to a university of your dream dwindle.  

A Common Solution to Poor Writers – Buying Admission Essays    

We are all born with specific talents, and very few of us are jacks of all trades. Thus, you may be a brilliant scholar or a strong athlete but may have a dread of putting your thoughts on a college admission essay and organizing them logically. Is this a sentence to your college/university admission? Not at all! Students actually have many variants to improve their writing and increase their chances for enrollment, such as: 

  • Work on your admission essay closely with your school teacher, on a prior agreement about his/her assistance 
  • Ask parents or senior peers to help you out with an essay 
  • Buy an admission essay from Admission-Writer tendering their service online. 

While the first two options require time and effort, and you will create your final paper in the throes of creativity, the third variant is easy and quick. The only thing you need is to pay a couple of bucks and get an essay done. Simple and attractive, right? But there is a tiny problem – this is illegal. 

Buying admission essays is a form of academic fraud, even worse than plagiarizing or stealing the fruits of another student’s labor. In fact, you present another person to the admission committee, which is unfair, as they judge by your essay whether you will become a valuable asset for their educational establishment or not. Other disadvantages of paying for admission essays are: 

  • They may cost much, as this specific type of work is priced differently from other academic writings 
  • The writer who will complete an essay for you doesn’t know you in person, so it’s very probable that the essay will be full of clichés and won’t show your uniqueness and personality 
  • Admission officers have a gut feeling for such standardized stuff and won’t grade such an essay highly. Will you pass this part of the admission test? Yes. Will you be remembered and distinguished? Definitely not. 

Can You Buy Enrolment?  

To buy or not to buy essays is definitely each individual applicant’s choice and responsibility. They know that if they get caught, they will have to kiss goodbye to higher education. But if they are not caught, they save a great amount of time and nerves wasted on writing a very small but very important essay. 

If you still choose to take such risks and pay someone for writing your admission essay, make sure that the writer knows you well and understands how to present your strong sides and personality. Submitting an essay that cost you a fortune but does not say a word about who you really are is food for squirrels, isn’t it?