Soccer Fundraiser Ideas – Ways to Raise Money

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( — July 17, 2019) — Coaching a soccer team may be easy for those who are experienced; however, even the best coaches have trouble coming up with unique soccer fundraising ideas that engage a crowd as well as raise money for the team. One guarantee that exists in fundraising is the more people contacted to get involved, the higher the chances are of reaching a specific monetary goal. 

Soccer Fundraiser Ideas

Hosting a fundraiser for your soccer team can benefit in many ways. Whether it is used to replace and upgrade old equipment, invested in fresh uniforms or spent on a competition entry, raising money for a youth sports team can enhance efficiency and confidence in the team, which will raise morale and motivation to win and become the best they can be. 


  • Athletes for Rent – People will pay almost anything to have a chore done for them that has been put off for a while. Soccer players can be rented out to do simple tasks for the community and contributors can pay by the hour or per athlete. Easy ideas to rent out young athletes for can be to babysit, dog walks, mow the lawn, help with groceries or gardening, the possibilities are nearly endless, especially if you can get creative. 
  • “Punish” the Coach – During games and practices, team players get pushed to go harder and be better by the couch. Sometimes they experience some punishments such as running extra laps or getting benched during a game. Now it’s the coaches turn to get pie in the face, attacked with water balloons or have their hair temporarily dyed to a crazy color. This is a fun way for the players to get their sweet “revenge” with a punishment the community votes for! Make a list of punishment suggestions, which parents and contributors can donate money to vote for, the punishment with the most votes or highest amount raised will be conducted, as long as the coach is aware and ok with the event. 
  • Kick- a- thon – With some volunteers from the school faculty or parents of the team members to participate as goalies, kids can pay anywhere from $1- $5 for a chance to make a goal with a novice goalie. Each dollar would get the child a ball and they will have to try their best from a slightly challenging distance to make the shot. 
  • Soccer Obstacle Course – Set up a fun obstacle course for the team members and their friends to do while kicking or bouncing the soccer ball. Either each participant can pay a single fee or families can participate as a team and pay for a group entry. The winner will get a prize that is either donated from faculty or a business sponsor. 
  • Bounce-a-thon – Gather up the players you have that are confident they can bounce a soccer ball on their head or knees for a long duration of time without dropping it. Once you’ve gathered those players, have people make pledges to donate money for every bounce or minute that they last. For example, Someone can pledge to donate $1 for every bounce that a player does or for every minute that they last without dropping the ball. 


There are many tips to consider when planning a fundraiser. Below are two important tips to remember:

  • Get as many volunteers involved as you need – Encourage parents or faculty to join in the fundraising. Not just to lend a hand to whoever is solely responsible for the event, but to also spread the word about the fundraiser to others who either really want to help the team or help the volunteer. This could be by using social media. Either way, more awareness increases chances of raising more money. 
  • Plan Ahead – As far ahead as possible. Give the fundraising team time to come up with manageable and realistic event ideas, budgets and set up / organization time. 

Even those who know soccer inside and out can find it challenging to come up with soccer fundraising ideas. With enough participation and some creative thinking, the next fundraiser you have for your team will be a great success.