5 Ways How Women Entrepreneurs Can Take Good Care of Their Health

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(Newswire.net — July 19, 2019) — There has been a dominant uprise in the number of women entrepreneurs taking the business world by its horns. Be it through freelancing work or setting up a company in itself, women are taking on the entrepreneurial spirit in all its glory. 

Most of these women face challenges in managing their health and wellness while taking good care of their business. Because of enormous pressure at work, these women are prone to unhealthy habits that can have a great impact on their performance at the workplace. To fix these, they must completely restructure their daily routine. To help you with this, here are some more tips on how you can take care of yourself while managing your own business:

1.    Observing Healthy Habits 

As entrepreneurs, it is easy to slip into an unhealthy lifestyle. It becomes harder to observe healthy habits with a busy lifestyle. Although, we all know that adopting a new habit can be tricky; it’s about consistency and awareness. Having your mental, physical, and financial health in a good state is essential to run your business effectively and efficiently.

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So how can you actually do this? You can start by creating a healthy routine. One that involves eating right, being active and knowing when to switch off. Also, writing in your journal at the end of the day while in your luxury mattress topped with a layer of cashmere blend from Dreamcloud to reflect on the day can help you release your worries, concerns or hurts. Of course, this exercise of creating and observing new habits shouldn’t become a burden in itself. A good number to start is with six habits. Take six habits you want to incorporate into your life and build it into your routine. You can then begin creating space for hobbies too. You will soon begin seeing a big change, not only in your health issues but in your business life as well. A healthy lifestyle will benefit the quality of life overall.

2.    Create a sleep-inducing environment

As women entrepreneurs, there will always be circumstances and tasks that will compete with the need for sleep. Keep in mind that the consequences of going without sleep in the long-term are significant, including mental health issues and cardiovascular disease. This can cost your business may be even higher.

One late night can easily turn into a week of late nights. Push yourself to commit to a time you will go to bed. By going to bed at a similar time, your body will begin to adjust itself to schedule. As a result, you will be able to relax sooner and fall asleep quicker. You can also try incorporating a bedtime routine to transition into sleep at the scheduled time.

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Consider a cooler bedroom to create a sleep-inducing environment. Room temperatures between 60- and 67-degrees Fahrenheit are best. You can check a sleep cycle calculator and set an alarm on your smartphone for when you go to sleep. Use this bedtime as a deadline to keep you on track for completing tasks and ending your workday. If you have insomnia, you may try some natural sleep aids such as bedtime tea may boost melatonin production and help promote restful sleep when most needed. Also, avoid stimulating activities close to bedtime and engage in calming, relaxing rituals.

Our body temperature plays an important role in the onset of sleep. We tend to feel sleepy as our body temperature drops. Therefore, a warm bath or a hot cup of tea can create a contrast between warmth and the cool bedroom environment, helping you fall asleep sooner. 

3.    Watch out your eating habits

When you start paying attention to your body, the last thing you’ll think about is junk food. Your mind is changing and you want to do more for yourself. You always have a choice, but you better choose smartly. As a result, you will wake up feeling energized and inspired. Here are some suggestions that you can spend time working out what’s best for your body and mind and adjusting to suit that:

  • Are you prone to snacking? Then consider filling your drawer with healthy snacks
  • Meal prep is your friend. It can remove the stress of regular cooking and gives you healthy home-cooked meals 
  • A subscription to a healthy delivery service can also help. Sure, it is an added expense but your health is certainly worth it.

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If you have a choice between rushed and unhealthy meals or something which will nourish and energize you – which are you going to choose? Which will make you more productive and happier?

4.    Practice mindfulness

As a businesswoman leader, you are a role model for your employees. So, it is important for you to act with a cool head in all situations as well as remain approachable to your team.

Practicing mindfulness is a form of self-awareness training adapted from Buddhist mindfulness meditation. Studies show that there are physical and mental health benefits of performing mindfulness. Meditation helps to get you grounded right away when you wake up. It polishes your intrinsic qualities as a leader – inner confidence, strength, foresight, clarity and unbiased approach to acting in the larger interest of the organization. It instills enthusiasm and zeal in you so that you don’t look at challenges as roadblocks and are prepared to tackle them with an open mind and fresh perspective.

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You can start your day by meditating before you get out of bed. Those twenty minutes of serenity help you shut my brain off and prepare for a busy day ahead. That’s all you need to gain substantial health benefits. When you meditate regularly, see how your intuition becomes so strong that you naturally start making the right decisions such as choosing between latex vs. memory foam or yoga vs spin class.

If meditation is not your thing, there are all kinds of ways you can be mindful. Some people do mindful walking or coloring. Find other things that can help you enjoy and also put your awareness on.

5.    Make Time for Yourself

Being a startup founder is an immersive experience. When you are determined on working towards reaching your goals and find what you feel passionate about, it can be a hard task to make time to take care of yourself.

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If you are unable to spend some time with yourself, it hampers your creativity and thereby affects your business in the long run. Learn to take some time for yourself even in the busy schedule. You have to make the time because you aren’t going to find the free space magically appear. Write down on your schedule the time you are going to take for yourself.

Whether that’s spending a day at the spa, buying buying new 2×3 rugs, taking a yoga class, or even just staying home and watch Netflix. This particular time set aside to take care of yourself will have a positive impact on your lifestyle. Don’t flake on yourself—you have one body and you need it to be healthy and happy to succeed. Keep in mind that you are doing this to stay healthy and that you deserve to recharge your batteries and come back stronger than ever.