Fashion Trends that Never Go Out of Style – FYI

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( — July 26, 2019) –In today’s fast-paced world, the fashion trends come and go quickly. But there are many fashion trends that never go out of style. This article will go into some staple pieces you should own to prevent you from purchasing money on clothes you’ll only wear once. 

Fashion Trends that Never Go Out of Style

There are still some classic items that never go out of style and that time can never defeat. These are pieces that are worth your investment and that must remain in your wardrobe, no matter what. So, before you declutter your closet, check out our list first and make sure to not miss any of the following garments. They’re timeless fashion pieces and imperative musts for every woman.

Trench Coat

The trench coat offers the best of both worlds. It screams elegance, but also informality. Modest, but daring. It’s perfect for work, but also for your everyday life. Actually, believe it or not, but the coat was never intended to become a fashion item to begin with. Thomas Burberry (yes, that Burberry) first designed it for the British soldiers during World War I as a powerful raincoat, but as time progressed, it became Burberry’s staple look and a darling in many celebrities’ closets, such as Rihanna’s, Miranda Kerr’s and Victoria Beckham’s, as well.

Aside of its sleek and classy design, trench coats remain as resourceful as they were decades ago. They keep you warm, shield you from the wind and, of course, act as an effective raincoat.

Trench coats look good on practically everybody. You can combine it with almost anything and you’d still look classy. Be it jeans, a t-shirt, a lovely dress… Heels or sneakers… Open or buttoned up… We could make a list of all the fashion style tips you could use for your trench coat, but if we were to do so, this article would never end!

White T-Shirt

The white tee is the simplest, yet freshest item this list. Every woman should at least own one in her wardrobe, if they are serious about donning a classic clothing style on the street. White t-shirts are perfect for almost every occasion and the styling options are literally endless. Just think about it. You can wear it under a lace top, tuck into a shirt and combine it with a blazer, or wear it with sweatpants while you’re at the gym, or simply with a good skirt or pair of jeans. Noticed how it looked perfect in everything? That’s the best thing about owning a white t-shirt: its versatility has turned it into a timeless piece that never goes out of style and that you can wear however you want.

Black Heels

Black heels were surely one of the first pieces of classic clothing style that popped into your head when you started reading this article, right? Well, there’s a good reason why. Black, flexible, feminine, incredibly sexy… Black heels are a must. Nothing looks wrong on you as long as you sport the perfect pair (some designs simply won’t work for certain pieces, remember). No occasion is unfit for them, as you can wear them in your workspace, with jeans, on the streets, dining out… Well, options are literally limitless! The best thing about black heels is that they’re your safest bet when you want to look classy and elegant; every design you find –ankle straps, flowers, ties, gems and other little perks – will enhance your overall look.

With the correct fashion style tips, black heels will be your best friends every day.


Jeans need no introduction. We all know these hard workers and we all love them. A good pair never goes out of style, ever. If you have a pair, rest assured that you’ll look trendy on every season. A simple pair of denim trousers can take you to your job, to a party, to a casual restaurant, even to the most elegant evening, as long as you sport the correct garments. A good combination of garments + jeans = an everlasting friendship.

We recommend that you get a couple of different styled jeans from Vibe Clothing Company (even for different washes!) as some designs fit some styles better than others. This will also save you some time and money, as you won’t have to walk out to buy more later.


Another key item in your closet, the possibilities for the simplest blazer are yet infinite. This is a versatile garment because it’s fit for casual and formal occasions. It literally turns your whole style into an elegant, proper look. Be it a blouse, jeans, heels, shorts, sneakers… With the correct color and design (we recommend neutral colors, though), your blazer will enhance your overall look and even your shape, thanks to its body size-friendly design. That’s why we recommend you to invest in a good blazer that accentuates your waist, because, even though it’s one of the priciest items in this list, you won’t ever regret to have one.

Little Black Dress

A classic among classics. This famous cocktail dress is as beautiful as it is resourceful. It became a hit ever since it was first introduced in the early 20th century thanks to its versatility. How do you want it? Close-fitting? Flowy? Simple? Adorned with accessories…? You name it! The little black dress (LBD, if you want to make it simpler!) comes in many shapes and sizes, and no matter which one you choose: it’s likely to be perfect!

The best thing about the LBD is that it never goes out of style and is the signature icon of timeless fashion. Want to know why? Because you can wear it once, with whatever accessories or perks you want, and when you wear it for a second time, nobody will suspect it’s not new!

Now let’s answer some questions you might have right now (spoilers: they contain important fashion style tips you might want to keep in mind!).

What fashion trends are coming back?

Although we’ve just listed some characteristic classic clothing style items, it’s also good to know what’s trending right now so you can complement your look with some contemporary, tongue-in-cheek accessories. Some returning trends are the following ones:

  • Choker Necklaces: A hit during the 90s, chokers are making a comeback in recent years. We recommend you to find a fitting one for your style and give it a try.
  • Sweatpants: The rising recent athleisure culture has brought a demand for appropriate sportswear, and with it, it brought sweatpants to the spotlight once again.
  • Ripped Denim: Ripped denim, for one reason or another, tends to come back to every wardrobe every decade. Don’t ask us: we also wonder why.
  • Cut-Off Jean Shorts
  • Wide Leg Pants
  • Plaid
  • Long, Straight Hair

What is timeless fashion?

Without getting too much into the philosophical terrain, the term “timeless fashion” is a ubiquitous term that refers to iconic, popular designs and clothing pieces that are essential for every wardrobe, no matter the epoch you live in. Perhaps the best way to recognize a “timeless piece” is when said piece fits everyone perfectly, are comfortable to wear, are safe for all environments, and are worth every cent you invest them on.

What is a fashion trend?

To put it in simple terms, a trend refers to what’s popular at a certain point in time. The word itself, however, is not limited to the fashion or entertainment worlds solely; for example, you could even say that there’s a trend toward warmer temperatures in the recent years (if we try to speak about global warming, of course). There are trends that are specific to summer and other seasons around the year. 

Keep these fashion trends that never go out of style in mind next time you go on a shopping spree. Although there are fashion trends that are great to take part in, the items above are pieces to keep in your closet forever.