Sydney Family Friendly Indie Artist Community Streaming Channel Launched

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( — July 27, 2019) — Sydney, NSW — Sydney media and marketing studio SYSL Media announced the launch of a new family friendly indie artist community streaming channel. The streaming service will feature user contributions alongside live and pre-recorded content as a showcase for local indie artists from around the world.

SYSL Media, a media marketing company announced the upcoming launch of its family friendly indie artist community streaming channel. The channel will feature art and art-related content from international independent artists.

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The new art community streaming channel leverages the growing demand for user-contributed content by independent artists. The channel is expected to feature work by amateur and professional artists who seek to showcase their work to a global audience.

SYSL Media works with individuals, brands, and indie art communities, welcoming contributions from indie artists in any medium and genre. The channel will feature these contributions alongside full-length features by professional artists, studios, and galleries. The channel is set to feature family-friendly content for all ages with stringent content guidelines.

The indie art channel is expected to foster creative collaborations between established and upcoming artists, and feature large collaborative art projects. Other content may include art community outreach events, tutorials, and an eclectic mix of live, pre-recorded, and archival content.

A key focus of the channel is to give worldwide audiences new ways of experiencing art and culture through interaction and participation. Packages are designed to be cost-effective and within the reach of home and indie artists.

According to a spokesperson for SYSL Media, “We are excited to partner with indie artists and studios from around the world & present their work to a global audience. We believe that this new channel can be a platform for cross-cultural creative exploration and inspiration to upcoming artists.”

SYSL Media is a full-stack streaming media company offering affordably priced media content packages for broadcasters and professionals in any domain. The company has special packages available for single or multiple broadcast media.

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