Newborn Diaper Caddy Organizer Baby Shower Gift Accessory Carrier Launched

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( — July 30, 2019) — Arabella Baby has launched a new, upgraded high quality faux leather baby diaper organizer and caddy. The popular product is now even better, and makes an ideal gift for new moms or baby showers.

Arabella Baby has launched a new ultimate faux leather storage and organization caddy for moms looking to carry all their necessary baby items with ease. The new product features removable faux leather handles, corners, top and base, which makes it even more durable than their previous highly popular caddy.

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The design of the caddy has been acclaimed by customers because it allows moms and parents to have everything on hand when they need it. Parents can use the caddy in every room where they take care of their baby, and even use it with ease in the car.

This is important, because new parents have to carry around a large supply of equipment to look after their newborn. Whether they are in the home or out and about, they need quick and easy access to wipes, diapers, food, toys, soothers, and a range of other items.

Having these easily accessible can save vital seconds, ensuring parents can clean their baby when needed, change their diaper without hassle, and get easy access to snacks, milk or food to avoid a meltdown.

The site explains that for customers looking to buy a thoughtful baby shower gift or a present for new moms, it’s hard to think of a better option than something as useful as the Arabella Baby diaper bag organizer and caddy.

Arabella Baby states: “You’re going to be putting it on the ground a lot when you’re on the go. So instead of getting it dirty like other diaper bags, we added a Faux Leather Base – easy to wipe clean. Diaper bags take a few knocks too, so we added faux leather corners and top edging to this felt caddy.”

The company adds: “And unlike other caddies with fixed handles, we upgraded yours to removable Faux Leather clip handles so you could use it as a nursery storage bin. And the nicest thing, is they don’t get grubby after a week of carrying it around.”

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