Long Island Landscape Lighting Outdoor Home Solutions Service Upgraded

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(Newswire.net — July 30, 2019) — Long Island, NY — Long Island outdoor lighting solutions company Concepts Automated has upgraded its residential landscape lighting services. The company offers end-to-end LED conversions, lighting design & commissioning, as well as energy-saving automation and control system design services.

Long Island outdoor lighting solutions company Concepts Automated announced its upgraded home landscape lighting services. Key upgrades include the use of LED lighting, custom landscape lighting designs, and new outdoor lights and controls.

More information about Concepts Automated Landscape Lighting is available at https://landscapelighting.conceptsautomated.com

The US outdoor lighting market is experiencing a drive towards energy conservation and energy efficiency through newer technologies and control systems. Concepts Automated has upgraded its landscape lighting capabilities to use low-cost and energy-efficient LED lights and automation systems in response to this need.

The Queens, NY outdoor lighting company designs and commissions custom home landscape lighting schema, complete with automation capabilities, energy-saving controls, and updated fixtures. Concepts Automated Landscape Lighting creates bespoke lighting solutions for any size of outdoor space, with priority on safety, energy efficiency, function, and style.

The upgraded solutions from Concepts Automated include advanced lighting solutions that can be automated and controlled from a handheld or desktop device. The company provides full LED retrofits and conversions from traditional lighting to LED. Qualifying customers may also access zero percent interest financing programs for revamped landscape lighting services for homeowners on Long Island.

The Long Island professional lighting contractor performs a full assessment of a home’s outdoor lighting needs, provides a reliable and affordable quote, and establishes clear timelines for completion and commissioning. Concepts Automated technicians also handle material purchase and installations.

According to a Concepts Automated customer, “I only have the best things to say about Concepts Automated. They were super responsive to email and quick to book appointments. The technician was very knowledgeable and nice, showed up on time, and was able to purchase all the materials for me in order to complete our job. I would highly recommend [their services].”

Concepts Automated is a specialized lighting & audiovisual installer and consultant company serving Long Island, Queens, and parts of Manhattan. The company is an accredited member of the Better Business Bureau.

More information is available by requesting a call at the URL above.