Victoria Gas Turbine Engine Transportation and Storage Container Solution Launched

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( — July 31, 2019) — Melbourne, VIC — Melbourne-based oil & gas technical services company AJ Stack Solutions announced the successful completion of a transportation & storage container (TSC) solution for oil exploration company Oil Search Limited. The TSC is superior to existing OEM solutions in terms of safety and data logging capabilities.

AJ Stack Solutions, an engineering & business management company in Victoria, announced the launch of a gas turbine engine transportation & storage container (TSC) solution. The company’s unique solution is designed to ensure logistical safety and efficiency for long-distance shipments.

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Oil exploration relies on the quick and safe movement of high-value equipment around the world. Logistical delays or damaged shipment can set back the commissioning of oil wells or rigs by several weeks. Consequently, the development of a transportation solution represents an opportunity saving of millions of dollars.

The Cheltenham, Melbourne-based oil & gas technical services company has successfully developed a turnkey TSC solution for global oil & gas exploration company Oil Search. Traditionally, OEM (original equipment manufacturers) supply storage-only solutions for turbine engines, limiting their long-distance transportation.

The team at AJ Stack Solutions successfully designed and developed an innovative transportation container for multi-million-dollar gas turbine engines, meeting a longstanding industry need for the safe transportation of these engines to any location around the world.

The Oil Search TSC solution features industry-leading features from AJ Stack Solutions including data logging through a mounted tri-axial accelerometer to record load experience data over long periods. This gives manufacturers and clients reliable insight into the handling and impact history of the container.

According to a spokesperson for the Melbourne engineering solutions group, “We are proud to be able to deliver a uniquely engineered TSC solution to Oil Search Limited. We support locally made technology and the TSC is designed, engineered and manufactured in Australia.”

AJ Stack Solutions is a full-service engineering & business management company serving the oil & gas, mining, and power generation industries. The company is a member of the Australian Pipelines & Gas Association.

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