Toxin Exposure Triggers Skin Diseases, Including the Fatal Ones

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( — August 8, 2019) Orlando, FL — Skin conditions can develop due to a variety of contributing factors. One of the major causes of these problems is toxins, which can be found pretty much everywhere.

Toxin exposure triggers skin diseases, including the fatal ones. While the skin has a natural ability to detoxify and fight toxins, it is important to understand that too much of these unhealthy, dangerous substances could be harmful.

When the skin or even the human body is unable to manage excessively high levels of toxins, it could trigger the onset of various diseases and disorders. This is why it is always best to detoxify the body, and this is due to the fact that exposure of toxins could be difficult to completely avoid.

There are many types of toxins that could wreak havoc on health. Polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDEs) for instance, are toxins that are often used as flame retardants. They are found in many household products like furniture. It has been found that PBDEs are found in almost all of the American population.

The UC Berkeley researchers conducted a study that found PBDEs could cause interference in hormone production in humans. It could trigger thyroid problems, which leads to weight gain and cancer.

Another toxin is a pesticide called Atrazine, which is widely used by farmers growing corn. Its wide use led to contamination in streams, lakes, and water supplies.

Today, Atrazine is considered to be the top contaminant in the drinking water in the United States. Its use has been linked with several different types of cancer, such as those affecting the ovarian, breast, and prostate cancer.

It’s also been linked to serious birth defects, such as smaller male genitals and gastroschisis, a condition where a baby’s intestines are outside their abdomen. Experts also warn against PAHs (Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons).

These acids could trigger skin cancer, dehydration, inflammation, loss of elasticity and firmness, compromised barrier function, and uneven skin tone.

There are several ways to effectively cleanse the body, and one is to increase intake of fruits and vegetables. It is also even more recommended to drink at least eight glasses of water daily to eliminate toxins.

Practicing healthy diet and lifestyle has also been one of the most effective ways to detox the body. It is best to reduce or avoid consumption of junk and processed foods as well as alcohol.

Using activated charcoal is believed to be extremely helpful eliminating disease-causing toxins. Purest Vantage Activated Charcoal could help detoxify the body as it is highly potent and pure. Activated charcoal works by adsorbing toxins and getting rid of them (


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