Naples Facebook Messenger Marketing Expert Chat Bot Services Launched

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( — August 2, 2019) — Naples, FL — Naples, Florida online marketing agency Social Media Marketing 2020 launched a new Artificial Intelligence and machine learning based Facebook chat bot service for local businesses interested in automated customer support solutions.

Naples, Florida based marketing agency Social Media Marketing 2020 has launched a new Facebook Messenger marketing service. Based on cutting-edge artificial intelligence and and machine learning, the new solution helps clients provide a more immersive customer experience.

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Modern consumers often expect immediate response 24 hours a day and seven days per week – and they’ll move on to another business whenever support is not readily available.

The new Facebook chat bot service offered by Social Media Marketing 2020 aims to help local businesses provide quality customer support on Facebook without the massive costs of a full time customer support department.

The system is based on artificial intelligence and machine learning to simulate real live conversations with both existing and potential customers. The advanced technology behind the system means that it can provide intuitive and engaging conversations for a more personalized customer experience.

Local businesses implementing the new system are thus able to provide a proactive customer experience as opposed to the passive approach used by many companies. This translates to a better overall customer experience and higher conversion rates.

With the recent announcement, the company continues to expand its range of high-quality digital marketing solutions.

The agency is constantly investing in the development of creative solutions for local businesses interested in high-efficiency social media marketing and lead generation.

Social Media Marketing 2020 stated: “Our current mission now is to use current online technology in the social media marketing and sales arena to find and help our clients increase revenues while controlling marketing expenses. Whether the client wants to rapidly roll out multiple channels or more slowly build out new business development, our team has the flexibility to adapt to those needs.”

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