Essential MCAT Strategies You Need to Know

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( — August 5, 2019) — The MCAT is a very challenging exam, but there are a great number of medical students attaining higher scores every year. What are the secrets of acing this test? This is a question which is asked by most students who plan to study for the MCAT and attain their target scores. For a fact, this question has no straightforward answer since there are numerous ways to study for the MCAT and attain an amazing score. However, you will realize that most successful students tend to follow the below strategies for their MCAT success.

Create A Study Plan

To pass the MCAT you will have to prepare thoroughly. The best students are usually very keen when it comes to planning the most appropriate time to take the MCAT and the time they should set aside to study for the exam. The best time for students to take the MCAT is when they have done enough of the requisite programs for the MCAT and have time to study for the exam, considering their tight schedules in pre-medical lives. There are students who are only in a position to study for a few hours but set aside more time prior to the actual test date. Also, there are students who opt to study continuously, preparing for the test within one to two months. Find out the right study plan for you.

Review The Content

As a pre-medical student, you may have no problems since you’re familiar with most of the MCAT prerequisite courses. Although you may not remember all the concepts you need from these classes in order to ace the MCAT, you will find it easier to study for the MCAT when compared to those starting from scratch. The top students are aware of this, so they tend to dedicate most of their study time evaluating the scientific concepts, which is an approach most MCAT tutors recommend.

Practice Content

Even though reviewing content is a good start, the most successful students know that they have to take practice tests too so as to be in a position to apply the content. Memorizing is not an effective way of studying for the MCAT. Whereas there is a lot to learn in terms of scientific knowledge, the test also examines your critical analysis as well as the reasoning skills and the best way to polish these skills is by doing practice passages.

This can be an opportunity to ask an MCAT tutor for help, as they will be able to help you analyze the results of your practice exams to determine what areas you should focus on. Practice tests can help you figure out your strengths and weaknesses so you can adjust your study plan accordingly.

Build Up Endurance

The actual testing time for the MCAT is 6 hours and 15 minutes, excluding breaks. Students should be prepared to spend more than 7 hours at the testing centers. Most students are mentally exhausted upon completion of the first section of the exam, out of four. To complete the remaining sections with a clear mind can be overwhelming. Nevertheless, you can build up the stamina to cope with the test by doing several practice tests. Top students will do more practice tests so as to help them not to lose focus during the entire exam.

Look For Relevant Study Materials

You have to look for relevant MCAT study materials. There are numerous ways to acquire study materials. You can find many MCAT official websites where you can visit and search for the latest study materials. You can also acquire them from MCAT tutoring companies with a good reputation.