How to Organize a Wedding Reception Playlist

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( — August 5, 2019) — Not knowing how to organize a wedding reception playlist is one thing that could lead to a lot of frustration. While everyone loves the exchange of nuptials and the vows, almost everyone wants to get it over with and get to the reception. Even as the ceremony and cocktail can be a tear-inducing affair, the reception party is where all the fun happens. You get to enjoy great company, drinks, delicious food and of course dance to some good music. What playlist you decide to play at the reception can make or break the party and ruin a good wedding. You need to be on top of your game to create a great playlist that has a good mix of slow and fast tunes for the different moods at the party. Here are a few pointers on how to make the best playlist for your wedding reception.

How to Organize a Wedding Reception Playlist 

If you don’t know how to organize a wedding reception playlist, then you’re at the right place. You can compile your playlist from music streaming apps, music mixing apps and more. 

How to Create the Reception Playlist: DIY or DJ

DJs could be a good option if you have the budget for it. They tend to be expensive but they have the experience and the skills to handle everything for you. They will take care of the MCing, the timing, and the logistics, which can get rid of much of the stress and help free up your time to deal with other things. However, if you are on a shoestring budget or maybe you just enjoy selecting your favorite songs and have them play on your wedding day, the following are some of your options:

1. Compile Your Playlist from Music Streaming Apps

If you have most of your music on your music streaming app, one of the easiest ways to create a playlist is to compile songs from your account. Create playlists for each event such as the first dance, the recessional, when bridesmaids and groomsmen are walking down the aisle, processional, and any other event. 

2. Use Music Mixing Apps

There are many music mixing apps such as WeddingDJ, PocketDJ Vintage, or Djay that you can use to compile a playlist for your wedding. An app such as WeddingDJ has a list of all the day’s events so that you will not forget to make playlists for important events. These apps are also easy to use with some even allowing for requests and changes on the go.

3. How to Come Up with Song Ideas

There is nothing that makes for a much livelier playlist that adding a personal touch. As a bride, you may have heard songs and thought I would like to have that at my wedding. Here are some ways to spice up and come with ideas for a playlist and how you should choose the songs needed for a wedding.

1) Compile a List with Your Fiancé

It is not only about you as your fiancé will also have their own preferences and likes that they might want to play on the big day. Ask them what they would like for a first dance, father’s/mother’s dance, the reception, discuss your preferences and come up with a mutually agreed playlist.

2) Ask Guests What They Would Love to Dance/Listen To

While it is your big day, you will enjoy it all the more if your guests are happy. You can ask the guests to add their song request on their RSVPs or if not at the DJ booth. If you find that some songs keep coming up you definitely need to include those on the playlist.

3) Have a Playlist Making Party

Your girlfriends can have very good playlist ideas which you can get by hosting a playlist party. With some champagne and some music playing in the background, you can have a great time sharing song ideas that the girls may have heard from other weddings or anything great they have in their existing playlist or music on their phone.

4) Make a Collaborative Playlist

There is a lot of good music out there and you just have to collaborate with others to get it. You can create a collaborative playlist on a platform such as Apple Music or Spotify and ask friends and family to add in their favorite songs and then make a playlist from that. 

How to Create the Perfect Reception Playlist

1. Have Enough Music – If you decide not to hire a DJ and do your own playlist, ensure that you have enough music to last all the important events. You should have more than you need just in case the processional or cocktail hour goes for longer than expected.

2. Mix the Genres – Just because you love the classics does not mean everyone does. Collaborate and cater to the tastes and preferences of all the people that will be attending the wedding. In relation to that, have at least 1 slow sing for every 5 fast songs to vary the energy of the occasion and prevent the crowd from burning out.

3. Stay away from any non romantic or negative songs – Select your songs wisely and ensure you know all the lyrics to the song before including it in your playlist. You do not want to have a song play that dampens the mood of the crowd.

4. Listen to the Playlist before the Wedding Day – You not only want to ensure there are no negative songs in the playlist but you also want to be certain that there are no weird transitions, moments of silence or awkward gaps.

5. Be True to Your Musical Tastes – You should take the preferences of other people into account but never betray your tastes. If you do not like hip hop, play as little of it as possible, you do not want to dampen your mood just to please other people on your wedding day. 


One of the most important things that you have to learn is how to organize a wedding reception playlist. This will make or break your wedding as it will impact how much enjoyment you and your guests get from the reception, dinner or ceremony. Luckily, it does not have to be that hard as you can always hire a DJ to do it all for you, or if not, follow the instructions in this article to create a playlist that will ensure you and your guests have a memorable wedding reception.