Health Experts Say About 100 Million Suffer from UTI Annually

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( — August 12, 2019) Orlando, FL — The increasing prevalence of urinary tract infections continues to alarm many health organizations. This prevalence has also arouse fear in its association with antibiotic resistance.

According to statistics, nearly 100 people from around the world get UTI every year,

Health authorities warn it can develop due to the E.coli bacteria, which dwell in the gut but can also reach the urinary tract. When they do, it results in an infection.

A study was carried out by Scott J. Hultgren, professor of molecular microbiology at Washington University in St. Louis.

In this research, the investigators aimed at learning about how to help people prevent and manage recurrent urinary tract infections. It further includes the ways to address the global crisis of antimicrobial resistance.

Antibiotics are normally prescribed to individuals with the infection. This type of medication may be bought with prescription or over the counter.According to experts, it works by destroying the E.coli bacteria, and it ends up getting rid of the infection.

The drawbacks are that it also kills the beneficial bacteria inside the body, and may lead to antibiotic resistance.

Scientists have been studying on the use of some safer alternatives, which include D-mannose. This sugar can be found in cranberry, which is a juice widely resorted to by individuals with UTIs.

It has been found the use of D-mannose results in relief of UTI symptoms.

Health care providers warn that an infection like UTI needs to be immediately, properly addressed. When it is left untreated and gets severe, it can spread to the kidneys and even the bloodstream. Once this occurs, a simple UTI can turn fatal.

Experts have long recommended to prevent the bacterial populations in the gut from reaching the urinary tract. Reductions of these bacterial populations have been found effective in the prevention and treatment of the infection.

To reiterate, D-mannose is a natural remedy that may be helpful in decreasing E.coli. What makes it extremely beneficial is that it works naturally in warding off infection, and doesn’t cause the side effects linked with antibiotics.

Investigators reveal that D-mannose helps in preventing the onset and recurrence of UTIs. This is why it is widely used in the international market today, particularly via supplementation.

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