5 Free Business Productivity Tools That Can Be Used

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(Newswire.net — August 6, 2019) — Business competition continues to be fierce as more and more companies decide to go global. As a result, many entrepreneurs think of different ways to stay on top and gain an edge over their competitors. This can be challenging since globalization, while it creates multiple opportunities for a company, also has its fair share of difficulties. Among these difficulties is managing remote workers and increasing business productivity.

There are multiple business benefits that can be gained from increasing company productivity. Apart from profitability, it also leads to less overhead costs for the company and in turn beneficial to employees as well. However, increasing productivity is easier said than done without the right tools.

Fortunately, various free business productivity framework tools exist online which makes it easier for employees to do their job. Even with a limited budget, small business owners can still be up to par with larger organizations. Here are some of these free tools:

5 Free Tools To Use For Business Productivity

1.) FreeTranscriptions


FreeTranscriptions, a free online automated transcription platform, is perfect for a company’s note-taking needs. More and more industries have started to use automated transcription as an alternative for note-taking. Instead of writing down notes manually, employees utilize audio recordings and then transcribe them afterward. This decreases the possibility of employees getting distracted making sure their full attention is given to the meeting’s agenda.

Free Transcriptions gives the user 300 free minutes of automated transcriptions upon sign-up. Its online portal is easy to use and the transcribed files can be downloaded as a Word document. Moreover, if need be, they offer proofing services at an affordable price. Requesting an hour’s worth of recording to be proofed also gives the user an additional 300 free minutes for the month. 

To recap, increasing a business’ productivity is essential in order to maintain an edge over competitors. However, this doesn’t always require spending a lot of money. With enough research, one can find multiple free productivity tools online that can help improve work efficiency.  

2.) Hootsuite


For companies who greatly rely on social media to keep their online presence, Hootsuite is the way to go. This tool can be used to create and schedule posts automatically on different social media platforms. In addition, it also lets the user simultaneously track or monitor their social media accounts.

3.) Toggl


Time tracker tools are always useful especially for employees working on various tasks everyday. A good example of this tool is Toggl, a free, flexible, and easy to use time tracking tool available for use in desktops, mobile phones, or as a browser extension. This tool lets the user add and edit time entries easily and in bulk. Moreover, the time tracking data can be filtered allowing for easier access. 

As for flexibility, tasks can be organized through the help of tags, project colors, and reporting tools. The user may also export the time tracking data into Excel, CSV, or PDFs. Last but not least, Toggl has over 100+ app integrations, including Google Apps.

4.) Grammarly


Whether it’s writing an email or creating a blog post, every curated content calls for accurate grammar. As such, Grammarly is a necessary tool that aids in writing concise content with little to no error. The editing tool can detect multiple inaccuracies such as misspellings, missing punctuations, wrong grammar, and so on. Not only does it show what mistakes were made, but it also explains how the writer can further improve them. 

Grammarly can be used to edit content in emails, website content, and also offline documents. It’s available as an online web app, a browser extension, as a Microsoft Office extension, as a separate desktop app, or as a mobile app. 

5.) OneNote


OneNote, a free information gathering tool, is perfect for companies with remote workers. This tool lets their users sort, highlight, clip, and curate their content while providing multiple ways to share them for easier collaboration. It isn’t limited to text either, it also allows the user to record audio notes, insert online videos, and draw their thoughts through a stylus or their finger. 

This tool can also be configured to work with other apps and tools such as Google Drive, Dropbox, Office Lens, and the like.