Online HR System: Expectations vs. Reality

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( — August 9, 2019) — When it comes to HR software, there are many myths and expectations that business owners have which are often not accurate. Holding on to these misleading concepts could be hindering their businesses and slowing down the day to day processes of the company. From finding new candidates for a vacant position to managing holiday requests, storing information about staff reviews and appraisals, and much more, HR software makes the running of a business much smoother and more efficient. Here are three expectations business owners may have about installing an online HR system and the realities of why HR software is so beneficial to companies of all industries. 

It’s Difficult to Implement

A lot of business owners are under the impression that software is more trouble than it’s worth. They would sooner stick with the processes and systems they’re used to than add in yet another piece of technology that everyone will need to be trained on. But the reality is that HR software is far more worthwhile than any trouble it may cause in the early stages of getting used to using it. For the most part, HR software is incredibly simple to use and is designed to be user-friendly. This makes it easy to navigate and optimise to suit your business specifically, from the notifications and processes you choose to automate to the permissions you set up. Often, tech looks more complicated than it really is and once you’ve got to grips with where everything is in the system, you’ll wonder how you ever coped without it. 

The Tech Won’t Deliver on Its Promises

Whenever there is a buzz around a new piece of tech or software, it’s easy to believe that it won’t live up to the hype. Surely a new system won’t be able to do all of the things it claims to be able to streamline and improve? Business owners often believe that tech such as HR software will just be an added system to add to the mix without providing any real benefit to the company. But while it’s easy to dismiss the claims organisations make about their products, HR software has helped a vast number of businesses to improve their HR processes. From streamlined recruitment and employee onboarding to managing the more troublesome and time-consuming tasks of running a company such as dealing with holidays and absences, HR software takes the hassle out of all of these and more so that staff can work on more pressing issues. 

It’s a Data Risk

Making the switch from paper copies of documents and files to cloud software can be daunting and it might feel as though putting everything onto a computer poses a risk to the information the business holds. Often, business owners prefer to stick with a system they know than risk changing it. But software such as this actually makes the data more secure and allows you to set permissions so that only people who need access to sensitive or confidential information can read it. What’s more, by having the files and documents online, staff can access it from anywhere – whether they’re in the office, in the middle of a meeting or travelling for work and need to log in remotely. Keeping important information stored within the software also means that if there is a fire or another crisis in the office, the data remains safe and undamaged. All that’s needed is the log-in details and all of the documents can be accessed as normal, whatever the circumstances, making it much more secure and convenient than physical copies.