How to Find the Best Check Printing Software for Your Business

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( — August 9, 2019) — Though the check-writing industry is still alive and well—with businesses across the world issuing billions of checks per year—there is no doubt that it has significantly changed. Instead of manually writing checks by hand, as was the case for years, businesses everywhere are relying on digital check writing services instead.

With a digital check writing service, your business can easily produce many checks in a short amount of time. If you are willing to invest in an industrial printer, these checks can even be printed directly from your business.

When comparing your check writing options, there will be many different variables that you will want to account for. For example, in addition to thinking about the cost of each option, you will also need to account for the number of checks you issue per year, as well as any special features you hope to have (incorporating your company logo, security features, etc.).

Currently, there are many reasonable check writing services available for you to choose from. When comparing software and companies, be sure to think about the factors that are specific to your business. In this article, we will compare some of the best check writing options available on the market. We will also discuss how you can determine which service makes the most sense for your business.

Check Writing Services in the 21st Century

Recent surveys show that QuickBooks has an astounding 80 percent market share among small businesses (accounting for a total of 29 million businesses). Whether you are using QuickBooks or one of its many competitors, the first thing you will want to look for is a check writer that allows you directly upload information from your books. This will help you save a significant amount of time once it is time to actually print the checks.

Additionally, you will want to choose a check writing service that allows you to make adjustments as needed. Being able to change the payee, the check amount, and the check date (especially if you are forward checking) will all be quite valuable. Including personal touches, such as your company logo or a special font, will also allow your business to appear to be more professional.

Security has also been a major emphasis of modern check issuers and check writing software. Being able to use specialized ink, paper, and even envelops can decrease the possibility of key information being lost or stolen. By combining flexibility, professionalism, and security, modern check writers can help your business gain an immediate competitive advantage.

The Best Check Writers for 2019

The best check writing software for your business will depend on several different factors. However, generally speaking, there are quite a few options that stand out from the competition.

1. Smart Payables

Smart Payables is a professional check writing, printing, and issuing service that enables businesses to issue quality checks at a reasonable cost. The company has an easy to use payment portal that can be directly connected to your already existing books. Smart Payables can offer your business a competitive advantage in several different ways: their security features, flexible options, and detailed reports all combine to position the company at the top of the industry.

2. Check Print R+

If you already have an industrial printer (capable of managing check stock), then Check Print R+ is among the most reasonably priced options. This downloadable software allows you to coordinate up to 15 different bank accounts. The software is specifically designed for Windows and can be used with Windows versions 7 through 10. You can also print blank checks which will give you some flexibility when you’re on the go.

3. CheckBuilderPro

CheckBuilderPro is a type of check writing software that can be purchased from Amazon for about $50. Users praise how the system allows them to print both checks and deposit slips—something that is valuable for businesses making regular transactions. This system is specifically designed for Mac. Other highlights include customized logos, a starter pack of 140 checks, and the ability to automatically import data from checks that have already been issued.

4. ezCheckPrinting

ezCheckPrinting is one of the most well-known names in the industry. The company has been creating software for nearly 15 years and has considerably expanded their offerings over time. ezCheckPrinting makes it easy to use QuickBooks, Microsoft Office, and other essential types of software throughout the check-writing process. Another highlight is that, unlike some of the other options, ezCheckPrinting allows you to use an unlimited number of accounts.

5. Check Writer III+

For just $35 on Amazon, Check Writer III+ is one of the most comprehensive types of check writing software available. One notable highlight is that it makes it easy to combine a check with related documents (statements, vouchers, etc.). The software also gives you the option to choose between wallet-sized checks or standard business-sized checks (which are slightly larger). Though it is only available on Mac, it does give you the option to either directly download it or purchase a CD.

Things to Think About when Comparing Check Writers

As you can see, while the best check writers have many things in common, there are still quite a few variables that make each of them unique. Before making any final decisions, take the time to thoroughly research your options and ask yourself the following questions.

  • Do I prefer to use a professional check issuing service or manage all of my checking needs on my own?
  • How many checks does my business issue in a typical year?
  • Which features—customization, security, importing, etc.—are most important to me?
  • Do I use a Mac or Windows?
  • What are the current dynamics of my business? Are these dynamics likely to change in the near future?

Of all of these questions, choosing between simple software and a professional service is probably the most important. Working with professional check issuers, such as Smart Payables, will help your business gain a competitive edge and further give you more time to focus on other priorities. As your business grows, outsourcing to an experienced firm will likely make more sense. However, running check writing software on your own can still be a reasonable option.


As long as your business has a need to write checks, you will want to do so in the most efficient way possible. Fortunately, you are not without options. By understanding your options—as well as the specific needs of your business—you should be able to identify the check writer and software that makes the most sense for you.