USPS Approved Mailboxes High Security Locking Premium Dropboxes Launched

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( — August 12, 2019) — Leading US manufacturer of premium high-security mailboxes announced an updated range of mailboxes and dropboxes for residents and business owners looking to minimize the risk of mail theft and vandalism.

Mailbox Solutions, a company based in Sherwood, Oregon, launched an updated range of premium high-security mailboxes for residential and commercial clients. The company offers single and cluster mailboxes, as well as dropboxes for clients looking for premium secure mailboxes.

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Recent figures show that mail theft and vandalism are on the rise throughout the US, with almost a third of all Americans having been victims of package theft. Identity theft is a particularly high risk for homeowners with unsecured mailboxes, since thieves commonly target checks, prescriptions, tax documents and other types of mail containing personal information.

Mailbox Solutions manufactures high-security premium mailboxes designed for both commercial and residential properties.

Homeowners looking for a secured single residential mailbox can choose from four models ranging in price from $240 to $315. All models are made of heavy-duty galvanized steel and aircraft-grade aluminum to ensure high security and durability. Locking options include both drill-resistant keyed locks and push-button combination locks.

Mailbox Solutions also manufactures high-security cluster mailboxes and locking dropboxes for businesses and professionals.

The company is the only US manufacturer to use the Euro Lock system, a highly drill resistant solution which significantly reduces the risk of mail fraud.

Additionally, the quality of the materials ensures that the mailboxes are sufficiently pry-resistant to discourage nearly all theft attempts.

A spokesperson for the company explained: “We use a combination of galvanized steel, aircraft-grade aluminum, and stainless steel in the construction of our single boxes. While we may not be able to claim they are entirely pry-proof, they’re certainly highly pry-resistant. If a person wants to pry their way into one of our boxes, they better be prepared for a fight! It won’t be easy, and the average vandal doesn’t stand a chance.”

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