Carpet Cleaning Basics – Prolonging Your Carpet

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( — August 9, 2019) — Besides keeping carpet free from dust and dirt, cleaning the carpet can also help in prolonging the life of your carpet. It can also keep the aesthetic appeal of your carpet intact. Before you step ahead for carpet cleaning, it is important to know some of the carpet cleaning basics. These basics will help you to have a better experience in cleaning the carpet and to keep it clean. 

Carpet Cleaning Basics 

Some carpet cleaning basics to remember include pre-vacuuming, moving furniture away, performing the extraction and more. 

Basics of Carpet Cleaning

You need to make sure that the carpet cleaning is done properly and efficiently. In order to ensure that everything is perfect, you have to abide by some of the basic rules of carpet cleaning. Here are some of the basic principles of carpet cleaning:

  1. Pre-vacuum: Make sure to vacuum the entire carpet before the cleaning begins. Clean all the edges and entryways properly. Give more attention to the areas where the traffic is higher. Vacuuming the carpet thoroughly will help to get rid of the loose dust, any residues such as powdered makeup and extra dirt from the carpet fibers.

  2. Moving the furniture away: You can move the furniture pieces away from the carpet so that it can be really easy for the professionals to clean the carpet thoroughly. Also, keeping the furniture away will help to prevent the chances to miss any particular area when you’re getting your carpet shampooed or steam cleaned.

  3. Performing the extraction: Once the cleaning is performed, the chances are high that the carpet is wet and full of moisture. One of the basic tasks that you have to perform is to dry the carpets properly. Not enough extraction can cause several problems to the carpet in the long run.

  4. Apply post-treatment chemicals: You can also apply some of the post-treatment chemicals to the carpet as a layer of protector on it. These protectors can help to keep the carpet healthy and new throughout. This chemical layer acts as a protective layer over the carpet fibers.

  5. Groom the carpet properly: You have to help the carpet to dry and groom properly so that it can improve in it overall appearances. Grooming the carpet properly can help in spreading the post-treatments. It will also allow these treatments to penetrate properly into the carpet fibers.

  6. Dry the carpet: You can use different methods to dry the carpet properly. Use the air movers, open the windows of the room and turn on the ceiling fan or floor fans. These can help to circulate the air properly and avoid any water stains. A carpet should take 6 to 8 hours maximum to become completely dry of all of the water and liquids that was in it.


So, these are some of the carpet cleaning basics that you have to follow before and after the cleaning of carpet. These basics can be quite helpful to clean your carpet in the best possible way, without even having to induce any allergies. Professional cleaners can help you to clean the carpet most efficiently. But these basics must be performed by you to keep the carpet new and perfect in between professional cleanings. This will help to increase the lifespan of your carpet