Controversial End of a Controversial Businessman

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( — August 12, 2019) — Billionaire Jeffrey Epstein, 66, accused of sexually abusing minors, killed himself in his prison cell while in Federal custody, according to multiple sources. He was rushed to the hospital with symptoms of a heart attack, Russia Today reports.

It is not yet disclosed how exactly Epstein invoked the hearth attack. A number of officials told media outlets that Epstein had hanged himself in his cell, but no one, at the time of writing, has confirmed this publicly, the RT reports.

Epstein’s death raised many questions because he could have ended many carriers, from influential businessmen and public figures to top politicians. Even former US president Bill Clinton and current president Donald Trump who were friends with Epstein were among the people listed who used his services, which does not imply any wrongdoing but certainly rises an eyebrow.

„I guess they think a country dumb enough to elect Trump is stupid enough to believe Jeffrey Epstein committed suicide. Or not“ tweeted Michael Moore.

Indeed, Epstein was on suicide watch with guards visiting every 30 minutes, in a cell with nothing to hang a rope from, outfitted with cameras even in the shower room. Rumors circulated on Saturday that the cameras supposedly monitoring Epstein had mysteriously “malfunctioned” at the time of his death, however, this has not yet been confirmed.

Just the day before the suicide, hundreds of pages from the trial became available to the public with new details about sexual abuse, and Epstein’s accomplices are also mentioned.

To recap, Epstein was arrested in early July at a New York airport on his way back from Paris. He was suspected of paying minors under the age of 14 for a „massage“ and then sexually exploiting them. There is a long list of influential people who used transportation services of Epstein’s private jet called the Lolita Express.

Epstein, a wealthy American and friend of many US officials, appeared in court in New York early last month on charges that accused him of running a “network” for prostitution with underage girls. He pleaded not guilty.

Epstein had already been convicted of sexually abusing minors, and had entered into a plea agreement with the court and, instead of being sentenced to life imprisonment, was sentenced to 13 months in prison, and had to pay money to his victims and enter a sex offender registry.

Epstein was threatened with up to 45 years in prison.