The Boldest Wedding Trends of 2019

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( — August 12, 2019) —  Some of the latest trends are too perfect to pass up. 

Food Trucks

Big-city dwellers in particular will understand this one. Many of us have a favorite food truck that we buy from regularly (or even chase down, if we miss it at lunch). Some no-fuss, yet delicious treats come from the windows of these beloved trucks.

But isn’t wedding food supposed to be fancy? The answer is, only if you want it to be. If food truck fare would make you and your bride or groom happy, you can make it happen. Several food truck companies can be hired for your special event, or you can enlist the help of a food truck specialized in wedding catering.

If your wedding shindig is already an urban affair, a food truck will fit right in. Informal weddings in general are gaining traction. As weddings become geared to provide a fun, laid back environment, and the food follows suit.

Blue Wedding Bands

Gold is so last decade. If you want your wedding jewelry to stand out, and make a statement, consider a blue or black wedding band. It easily puts the word bold to mind. And it proves contemporary can be just as sophisticated as traditional.

Tungsten and titanium are the new platinum. Lapis inlays can replace traditional gemstones for a truly unique design. For something eye-catching, a blue wedding band will do the trick. Vivid colors are making a comeback in weddings this year; it’s only fitting that the rings should follow the trend.

Wearable Flowers

Flower crowns and headpieces have been working their way up the wedding ranks for several years. Now, they’re competing with jewelry and accessories.

Wearable flower pieces can come in the form of an armband, to a full-on flower shawl. They’re even being incorporated into earrings, and worn as garters. Done right, it’s surprisingly elegant, and breathtakingly feminine. The flower additions seen on wedding dresses this year have set the stage for the floral extravaganza trend. 

Covering yourself in flowers is a bold move, for sure. But the gorgeous results might tempt you into doing it yourself.

Your Wedding, Your Way

So you want something a little brazen for your wedding. Who cares if it turns a few heads on your big day? After all, you’re sure to turn heads at your wedding no matter what. If some of the recent, spirited wedding trends are calling out to you, forget the fear of being too audacious. It’s your day, and bold is beautiful.