The Importance of Having Insurance

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( — August 12, 2019) — In today’s time, it is a necessity to have the proper insurance to protect your valuable assets in case of loss. Loss can happen in common ways, such as fire, flood, or accidents. It can also happen in uncommon ways like theft or vandalism. No matter what type of loss hits you, be sure your assets are covered.

Auto Insurance

It’s a no brainer that car insurance is mandatory for all automobiles on the road. Whether your at fault of an accident or a victim; protection is needed to get your car running back smoothly again. BST Insurance Brokers has seen how this can be costly. “With the rising cost of auto repair, you may find yourself in a difficult financial position should your vehicle require professional attention.” So make sure you are well covered. 

If you are purchasing a new vehicle from the lot, to take your car off the lot, insurance must be verified. There are discounts on types of auto insurance that vary by age and company. There are also several different types of auto insurance to include full coverage, comprehensive and collision insurance, liability coverage, and more.

Life Insurance

Most people don’t think of the necessity of owning life insurance because they have health care. Please be aware that health care coverage only extends to living individuals. When you pass away, that’s when life insurance becomes valuable.

Life insurance covers expenses, such as bills or funeral costs; instead of leaving the cost to a family member or other loved ones. It’s crucial to not only look out for yourself, but for their well-being as well. Don’t be selfish and pass away where other people have to bare the cost of your life’s choices. 

Renters Insurance

Whether you’re renting a condo or apartment, renters insurance is a must-have! Think about what would happen if the apartment above you were to catch fire? How will you manage to start over when you were barely getting by in the first place?

When a theft occurs 8 out of 10 times unless your items are retrieved or you have surveillance video, you should automatically count those possessions as a loss. But if you have renters insurance, those items can easily be replaced. It’s a small price to pay for peace of mind.

Even those who purchase a home need to have homeowners insurance. This type of insurance covers a wide variety of cases such as theft, fire, flood, etc. Some companies offer bundles if you purchase more than one type of insurance with them; saving you money. 

Business Insurance

If you have your own company, you want to protect your most prized possession just as you would anything else. You want to cover not just your physical location, but also your employees, equipment, and general liabilities. The type of insurance needed for your business depends on the type of company and size.

Don’t Risk It

When life happens, sometimes it results in a loss. In order to not be further down the drain in lost wages, be sure to have insurance that will cover you. You should buy a minimum of life and auto insurance. You should also consider renters insurance, travelers insurance, and business insurance. Make sure you’re protected!