Dental Implant Lead Generation Marketing Offered by Market Super Force LLC

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( — August 13, 2019) — Market Super Force has announced that they can help dentists connect with more patients who are currently looking for dental implants. This marketing agency has upgraded their proprietary process to help clients grow their dental practice by targeting and reaching their prospective patients more effectively. The data-driven technology can pick people interested in dental implants out of the crowd and connect them with a dentist.

More information can be found at which explains that dentists who place dental implants have a lot of competition and struggle to stand out. It is difficult to beat out the competition when you are going head-to-head. Market Super Force offers a different solution: dominate the competition.

By using their proprietary technology, Market Super Force connects their clients with highly relevant leads. How, you ask? By analyzing the internet search history of patients who have already gotten dental implants. Their system creates an “ideal dental implant” model based on proven data and then markets to the few people who fit this model using multiple platforms.

Traditional marketing has changed over the years and according to some sources people need to be exposed to marketing such as radio, print, television or internet as many as 15 times to have an impact, when that magic exposure number used to be closer to 5 times.

Working with Market Super Force, dentists who do dental implants can expect at least 25-50 new implant patient opportunities every month. It is a quality over quantity tactic; although, there is quantity as well. Their marketing focuses only on those people who have already shown an interest in dental implants. The “Predictive Patient Acquisition Technology” blends artificial intelligence with behavioral and demographic targeting, making the multi-stage full-service lead generation system a perfect fit for most dentists.

The founder of Market Super Force, Mark P. Goodman, DMD, explains, “We have aligned self-interest. If the implant dentists we work with are successful, we’re successful. We can help dentists utilize this newly upgraded technology to maximize their profits.”

Market Super Force can predict who is interested in investing in dental implants before anyone else. They only partner with one implant dentist per market area, giving that dentist an exclusive advantage over their competition. Full details on the team’s marketing services can be found on the URL above, and additional information is provided at: