Is Medicare Wellness Exam Mandatory?

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( — August 14, 2019) — Is Medicare wellness exam mandatory? Medicare Wellness Exams, or otherwise known as a Medicare Physical is not necessary, nor are they a requirement. But it’s always best to speak with a Medicare representative to see what options are available to you.

Is Medicare Wellness Exam Mandatory?

So, is Medicare wellness exam mandatory? These are not necessary, nor are they a requirement. 

Why Go For a Medicare Wellness Exam?

Each patient will have a unique set of circumstances, and their situation will be different when they reach the age of 65. This is why Medicare is so popular because it covers prescriptions, procedures and is essentially a guaranteed form of health care for people.

Medicare is offering a ‘welcome to Medicare’ visit, or aka a physical exam that gauges how your physical condition is. It’s very similar to annual check-ups that you go through when you’re working with a company or corporation.

What Does a Medicare Physical Do? 

It’s a series of general tests that determine your overall health. It’s not a visit to the doctor for a specific health condition, but rather to see where you are on the health spectrum, but not if you qualify for it or not.

For some Medicare members, getting a wellness exam is one of the best ways to ensure there’s nothing that could come up later. These individuals value early detection of sickness or diseases that may be treated with a high rate of success. It’s peace of mind knowing that there’s nothing wrong, or if there’s something in the radar, then it’s best treated early and with minimal delay.

A lot of Medicare members get the service because they want to feel that there’s always something they can do to improve their health. In this case, Medicare is offering an annual checkup so these patients can get utmost peace of mind and put their energy towards other endeavors, including work, hobbies or relaxing in retirement.

Why Not Go For a Medicare Physical?

Medicare members may choose to not undergo a wellness exam for several reasons.

Some people feel that it’s an invasion of privacy, something that they’d think is a waste of time and effort. It’s true that these annual physicals aren’t mandatory, and by exercising that right there’s no real harm done.

Moreover, a few patients wouldn’t want the company to know if they’re having particular health issues they might be embarrassed about, or they simply wouldn’t want any organization gathering data due to privacy concerns.

Personal Circumstances

All in all, having to go on a Medicare Wellness Visit or not is largely a matter of personal circumstance or preference. You can choose to have the procedure done or not depending on how you’re feeling, whether you think it’s a good idea or not and if you think there’s something wrong.

Of course, you can always call ahead and speak with a representative in order to gain a better understanding of how the annual check-up work. This can ease your mind about the privacy and data issues that’s holding you back from getting a physical.


The answer to ‘is Medicare Wellness Exam mandatory’ is a simple no. The decision will depend on your personal preference, circumstance and other unique factors. But consider the benefits of having an annual physical, such as knowing that there’s nothing wrong and that you could have a clean bill of health with a simple procedure rather than thinking it’s invasive and unnecessary.